How to Increase Sperm Volume – Try Out These 11 Natural Ways

Have you and your partner been thinking about starting a family?

If you are reading this article, then the answer is probably yes. However, if you are reading this article, that means also that your low sperm count is creating a problem in that process.

Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons that can be the cause of low sperm count. But, luckily, as soon as your doctor finds out the cause, the process of treating it should not pose such a problem!

Why? Because your doctor will set up a proper treatment plan that will face the cause and once the cause for your low sperm count is removed, your sperm count should increase.

But who says that you cannot do something for yourself as well?

Take the things in your hands and follow these small yet effective tips if you want to increase your sperm volume! But first, let’s explore the most common causes of low sperm count!

What Are The Causes Of Low Sperm Count?

Among the most common causes of low sperm count, you can find tobacco use, alcohol use, drug use, stress, genital infection, varicoceles (enlarged veins in the testicles), certain medication use (including steroid use, chemotherapy, and antidepressants) and etc.

How To Increase Your Sperm Count Naturally?

Think about the way that you eat – In many cases, you may contribute to your already low sperm count through your eating habits. Obesity has been confirmed to have a strong impact on your low sperm count, according to a study published in Spermatogenesis.

High-fat food, processed food, and alcohol are usually listed as the things that you need to avoid if you want to increase your sperm count.

Instead of, try including more foods that are high in protein, more fruits and vegetables, organic food, whole grains, and one very important thing – a lot of water!

Start exercising – According to this study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, regular exercise can help you increase your level of testosterone and improve your sperm’s mobility and count!

However, make sure to listen to your body when it comes to exercising. You would not want to get the opposite effect and decrease your already low testosterone levels and sperm count.

Start exercising

Quit smoking – Since we already listed smoking as one of the most common causes for low sperm count, it is only natural to assume that you will need to quit using tobacco if you want your sperm count to get back to normal.

Reconsider your daily alcohol intake – Alcohol is yet another common cause for low sperm count, especially excessive drinking.

Try taking R-Aspartic acid supplements – R-Aspartic acid has been noticed to occur in lower levels within men with low sperm count. Get informed about taking R-Aspartic acid supplements in order to increase its level in your body.

Take nutritional supplements – It is not an easy task to intake all the essential nutrients through our diet. This is why it is essential to take proper nutritional supplements to make sure that your body is getting all the essential nutrients every day.

Two of the most important nutrients for men with low sperm count are vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and calcium, so you should at least make sure that you are in-taking the recommended dose of these nutrients.

Try some of the most effective herbal remedies for low sperm count – these include Panax ginseng, Rhodiola Rosea, nutmeg, Muira Puama, horny goat week and etc. These and many other herbal remedies have been used for centuries, and it is also included in some male enhancement supplement like Nugenix to treat health problems such as infertility so why not try them now?

Leave your bicycle for a while – Unfortunately for all of you bicycling fans out there, bicycling has been linked to a low sperm count and mobility. So if you want to improve the numbers of your sperm count, it would be for the best if you find a new form of transportation for a while.

Get rid of any stress – We know that with such a lifestyle that most of us are used to, it is hard to avoid stress.

But, the thing is that if you want to improve your sperm’s quality and count then the key thing is to get rid of any stress in your life! Try meditation and yoga that you can perform at home with a little help from the internet and relax your body and mind!

Get Rid of Any Stress

Limit your time spent in the hot tub – We do recommend that you lower your stress levels and maybe spending some time in the hot tub is your way of doing that, but if you are trying to improve your sperm count and mobility, then you would want to limit the time that you spend in the hot tub for the next couple of months.

Believe it or not, but staying away from the hot tub has actually increased men’s sperm count by 491%, according to this study published in the Brazilian Journal of Urology.

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The bad news is that a problem such as low sperm count can be caused by various reasons, and some of them find their space in everyone’s lives – including alcohol, cigarettes, hot tubs, stress and etc. So it might be hard for you to replace them.

But the good news is that low sperm count is nothing that you should fear since there are a number of effective treatment plans as well as various small yet efficient things.

But, we need to warn you – all of these treatment plans include giving up tobacco, alcohol, hot tubs, bicycling, and instead of including regular exercise, a healthy diet, and no trace of stress!

So when you think about it, by trying to improve your sperm’s quality and count, you will actually help your whole body to get stronger and healthier, which is not a bad idea at all! Do not hesitate to make the essential changes that will bring you closer to a better and healthier life!

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