How to Increase Sperm Volume? – You Can Produce More Sperm Naturally

Many men want to have more stamina and potency, but there are also men who are interested in how to increase sperm volume. Not all men make the same number of sperm, and men with a low sperm count can have a lot of trouble fathering children. If they really want to have children they can often provide semen that can be used to inseminate their partner. However, if they want to have a child more ‘naturally,’ through sexual intercourse, they will need to make more sperm to have better odds at impregnating their partner.

How to Increase Sperm Volume

The first thing to do is to be checked out by your doctor to see if your sperm count is within normal limits. Knowing a starting point is important when you’re going to try to correct a situation that may be bothering you or causing you to miss out on something in life – like having children of your own. You may also want to talk to your doctor about how to increase sperm volume. He may have some ideas that you can try, including supplements you can take or foods that you can eat.

Having sex less often may be something you’ll want to consider. Sperm are released each time a man ejaculates, and if he ejaculates less often then more sperm will build up in his testicles. Of course, sperm have a lifespan, but that doesn’t mean that you should be depleting them all the time. Have sex less often, and plan your most active sexual time around your partner’s monthly cycle to have the highest chance of creating a pregnancy. Family planning techniques can help you impregnate your partner, even if your sperm count is lower than average or you don’t have much in the way of sperm volume.

Living a healthy lifestyle is also very important. If you’re not healthy overall, all of your body’s systems will suffer. There’s no reason to assume that the quality and quantity of sperm you make will be the exception to that rule. Overall, you’ll want to eat good, healthy food. If certain foods have been suggested to you by your doctor, focus on incorporating those into your diet. While exercise is important, you may want to avoid things like bicycling. The excessive heat generated on the testicles for extended periods of time can lower your sperm count and make it more difficult for your partner to conceive a child.