Everything You Need To Know About Aging and Your Sexual Response Cycle

An orgasm is described as a feeling of intense sexual pleasure that engulfs a person during sexual intercourse. It is sometimes referred to as climaxing or coming by others. Both men and women are known to orgasm and sex life becomes boring to those who cannot climax.

During orgasm the heart usually beats faster and the breathing gets more rapid and heavier. Men are known to ejaculate semen almost the same time they orgasm. As for women only a minority of them will ejaculate during orgasm.

Women’s ejaculate is often a clear fluid that gets out of the glands that are near the urethra. These organs where this clear fluid gets out from in women are called the Skene’s glands. It is important to note that women can experience multiple orgasms as opposed to me who usually experience just one orgasm.

In men, orgasm is quite different because it is the muscle contractions that cause semen that is laden with sperm to get out of the testicles and out of the penis. Once a man reaches orgasm and ejaculates he will need what is called the recovery time to be able to experience another orgasm and ejaculate.

Does Aging Affect Orgasms?

As people grow older there are changes which normally occur in their bodies that also affects their sex lives. The way by which age affects a person’s sexual life depends on the sex of the individual. The sexual response cycle in women and men as they age is quite different.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

In elderly men it may take longer to get erect, maintain an erection and also orgasm compared to when they were in their 20s. Elderly men also take more time to recover after orgasm than young men.

Elderly women on their part will experience less vasocongetion, less lubrication, taking too long to get sexually aroused, less muscle contraction during orgasms and less and less recurrent orgasms.

These are natural changes that both elderly men and women undergo but the impact they have on an individual’s sex life also varies from one person to the next. Elderly men and women can still continue to enjoy pleasurable sex even with these changes to their lives as long as they continue to lead healthy lifestyles.

The Changes in a Man’s Sexual Response Cycle in Old Age

As a man ages he may find that it will take him more time to get erect as compared to when he was in his late teens or early twenties. Most elderly men will need longer and intensive physical stimulation for them to be able to get sexually aroused and achieve an erect penis that is needed for a great sexual intercourse. This usually happens in older men because the levels of the testosterone in their bodies have declined.

Testosterone is a very important hormone for a man’s sexual life because it is the factor behind the stamina needed for sex, getting erect penis, feelings of sexual pleasure etc.

To deal with the problem of declining testosterone levels elderly men can opt for ways that will help them raise the levels of the hormone naturally. One way to achieve this is by taking natural male testosterone boosters. There are a number of male testosterone boosters available in the market but it is wise to go for those that are formulated with purely natural ingredients.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Another great way that elderly men can get their sexual mojo back is by leading healthy lifestyles by exercising and taking healthy diets and avoiding drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.

Points To Note:

  • The penises of older men will get flaccid a little faster after orgasm compared those of younger men.
  • Older men’s testes tend to lower away from their bodies much faster than in younger men.
  • The refractory period in elderly men is much longer compared to that of younger men.

The Changes in a Woman’s Sexual Response Cycle in Old Age

Unlike young women whose vaginas will swell greatly (vasocongestion) due to sexual arousal elderly women’s vaginas will only swell minimally. Elderly women also experience less and less vaginal lubrication and it may also take long to occur. Sex for women who lack adequate lubrication is usually not pleasant and may even be painful for lack of lubrication.

Elderly women can address this problem by using lubricating gels on their vaginas to reduce friction often experienced between the penis and the vagina during sexual intercourse.

Points to Note About Elderly Women and Sex

  • In elderly women it takes longer to get aroused and stay aroused compared to younger women. Elderly women will therefore need more intense stimulation for them to get sexually aroused and get ready for sex.
  • Elderly women will experience reduced muscle contractions during orgasms as compared to younger women. This will only result in less intensive orgasm and this may explain the reason why elderly women may find sex less desirable.


The fact that sexual life and experiences changes with age does not mean that elderly people should avoid sex. The best way for elderly people to maintain healthy sexual life is by keeping active their sex lives. This will help in exercising the vital body parts that are usually involved in orgasm and sexual arousal. Elderly people should not stop or even limit their sexual activity because of age.

Another great way to remain sexually healthy is leading an overall healthy life by eating good foods and exercising on daily basis.

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