Male Birth Control – What You Really Need To Know

Majority of men and women all over the world are concerned about birth control. Contraception is an issue that is well-debated and very controversial among a huge variety of audience but for the practical, it is a necessary move in order to have complete control over their lives and any future endeavors.

There are many birth control methods available for women but men also have a few selections. Here are the following birth control methods for men.

Top 5 Male Birth Control Methods


Condoms are small pouches which are worn on the penis during sexual intercourse. It prevents the sperm from going into the vagina thus hindering the fertilization process. These pouches are thin and stretchy so it won’t be torn or punctured even under extreme sexual activity. This birth control tool not only helps in avoiding pregnancy but it also prevents the spread of sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) by protecting the skin of both the male and female genital areas.

Male Condom are very easy to use and very easy to find as it is sold in almost all drug stores and other commercial establishments.

Coitus Interruptus Or Withdrawal Method

This method of birth control aims to avoid insemination during sexual intercourse by withdrawing the penis from the vagina just before ejaculation. The withdrawal method has been used for centuries, even thousands of years ago, in ancient civilizations and many people all over the world are still using this contraceptive method. Most individuals prefer coitus interruptus because it doesn’t require anything aside from careful withdrawal of the penis and making sure the semen does not come in contact with the vagina or anywhere inside it.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

The fact that this method can be practiced without any prescription or consultation with medical personnel it also significantly reduces the risk of having side effects from pills or any other contraceptive methods out there.

Most of the people who prefer this method don’t want to lessen the feelings of pleasure that other contraceptive methods, when used, might reduce. Nevertheless, this method of birth control is much less effective in preventing pregnancy compared to other contraceptive methods.


Outercourse is any sexual stimulation that does not include the penetration of the penis into the vagina.

It could be oral sex, anal sex, or it could also not involve any penetration at all. This method of birth control is very effective in preventing pregnancy as this does not involve sharing of bodily fluids such as semen, natural vaginal lubricants and/or blood. You will also be able to avoid the acquisition of sexually-transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS when using this method unless there is exposure to bodily fluids like saliva and semen which can be transmitted during oral or anal sex.

Outercourse may involve different activities such as mutual masturbation in which both partners divulge in pleasing each other through stimulation of their own genitals using their hands and/or mouth.

Outercourse is very useful especially for those individuals who wants to abstain from sexual intercourse or are not ready for it yet. This method can be use when no other birth control is available or is desirable for any of the individuals involved.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.


The word abstinence means to prevent oneself from indulging into something and in this article we are referring to any sexual activity. This method is one of the safest, easiest and the most effective birth control option for many individuals.

Abstinence definitely prevents pregnancy as it does not involve any sexual activity at all. Semen will not be able to infiltrate the reproductive organs of the female if there is no sexual activity involved.

It is important to keep in mind that abstinence is usually self-enforced and can only be lifted or revoked by the person who enforced it to himself/herself.


Vasectomy is a non-reversible birth control method for men. It is a surgical procedure in which the vasdeferens is blocked, folded and tied, or completely cut in order to prevent the passage of sperm. This prevents the sperm to mix with the seminal fluids and is instead absorbed in the testicles. Without the presence of sperm, pregnancy will be completely avoided. This birth control method is meant to be permanent so men should carefully decide whether or not they should choose this option.

Vasectomy is not immediately effective after surgery as the remaining sperm in the vas deferens must be completely flushed out of the system and also patients must tend to the wound caused by the procedure.


There are many ways to prevent pregnancy which are proven to be safe and effective. These methods can also be reinforced when used together with female birth control methods. Pregnancy together with STDs can be greatly avoided if proper use of these techniques are observed and followed.

It is very important to choose the method that best suits you and your partner as this can provided benefits for your physical and sexual relationship.

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