What Are The Conditions & Problems That Can Affect Men’s Sexuality?

by Cheryl Powers

Mens Sexuality
When talking about health before conceiving, most people only concentrate on women’s health and pay no attention whatsoever to the male’s health.

They forget that it is most important for the male to stay healthy when it comes to getting pregnant since it is the male who has to initiate the process of pregnancy. This article will provide all the information that is required regarding men’s sexual health.

When a couple decides to live together, they incorporate an entirely new lifestyle; making room for each other’s needs and wants. What they should incorporate into this lifestyle are ways that lead to healthy pregnancy.

They need to keep their bodies in sync so that they can get pregnant when they need to and do not face any pregnancy problems.

a healthy pregnancy lifestyle not only encompasses and healthy sexual routine but also healthy birth control methods when you aren’t planning on starting a new family.

it is essential for you to know that similar to females, males also suffer from preconception healthy problems that can lead to the development of infertility.

There are many ways in which preconception health for men could be improved and various disorders and problems can be prevented such as prostate problems, decreased sperm volume and testicular problems.

Here are a Few Guidelines To improving The Male’s sexual Health:


  • Do not consume products that have a lot of caffeine as it can result in a low sperm count.
  • Reduce the intake of drugs and alcohol as they can cause serious damage to the content and quality of the sperms. apart from such damage they can also damage the liver to a great extent which itself can cause a life-threatening situation.
  • Remember to keep your body temperature and the genitals at a lower temperature as heat can cause damage to the sperms present in the testicles.
  • You should include zinc and magnesium in your diet. These two essential minerals are said to be the best men’s health diet as they help to improve sexual functioning by a great deal.
  • Refrain from using any drugs and tranquilizers that will help your body relax or aid you when it comes to sleeping. Such medicines can cause a great decrease in the sperm count.
  • Try to consume multivitamins in your diet as they can help provide all the necessary ingredients that may be missing. These multivitamins are usually present in the form of supplements which are easily available.
  • Lastly, avail preconception care services that many spas and institutions will provide. These institutions will help your sexual health improve greatly and will help to relax your mind and body.

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Men’s sexual dysfunction can occur for a variety of reasons and many men will suffer impotence at some point in their lives. Many men can suffer impotence and many of the reasons are curable, and below we will quickly run through some common causes and then look at some herbs which can cure them.

Strong blood circulation is the base, upon which sexual desire and a hard erection are built. Quite simply, you need an increased volume of blood pumped to and into the genitals. if you don’t have strong blood circulation, you will suffer libido and erection problems.

Most men are not aware of how common it is to suffer from erectile dysfunction or impotency at one point in their life.

it is also uncommon for a man to know how to treat their problem, what is the best way of going about overcoming erectile dysfunction, and why they are suffering from impotency issues in the first place.

There are many different factors to consider when it comes to sex. There is the mental aspect of sex, the physical aspect of sex, and there is the overall anatomy of sexual organs of the body. all three of these have much to do with how successful your sex life is, or can be.

Men can find information on this blog website concerning what mental issues can cause erectile dysfunction.

Men can also read into what they can do physically to enhance their sex life and avoid running into impotency problems. You can never know too much, and it is always beneficial for men to be completely informed about the ins and outs of sex.
You might find that you aren’t experiencing something rare, but are experiencing something completely common and there are many different ways to treat your impotence.

Top Male Sexual conditions

according to the World Health Organization, sexual health is defined as “the state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being related to sexuality.” Therefore, the mere absence of dysfunction, disease, and infirmity does not describe sexual health in its entirety.

Good sexual health is more than just having safe sexual experiences which are pleasurable. Sex should be free from discrimination, coercion, and violence.

#1. Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (impotence or ED) is the state of repeated inability to get an erection and maintain the erection enough for having sex.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by both physical and psychological factors. Physical causes include problems associated with blood circulation to the genital area while psychological causes include stress and anxiety.

Treating impotence is normally based on tackling its cause. Erectile dysfunction may be addressed by using hormone-boosting drugs, counseling or using vacuum pumps.

#2. Sexually Transmitted infections

Sexually transmitted infections are those infections that are transmitted through unprotected sexual contact with infected persons. STis include HiV, syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. Most STis can be avoided by having protected sex. HiV currently has no known cure.

#3. Prostate Health

The prostate gland that produces some of the fluid contained in semen should always be in good health. Prostate cancer is a common problem that could possibly lead to death.

#4. Birth control

Birth control involves the use of any method to prevent pregnancy. Men have various ways of birth control such as using condoms, through vasectomy, or by withdrawing the penis from the vagina of a woman before ejaculation occurs.

#5. Sexual Health alternatives

Men can use health supplements, complementary therapies, healthy foods, natural herbs and physical exercises to maintain good sexual health. Regular exercises increase blood circulation to sexual organs to give quicker arousal and intense orgasms during sex.

it is important for men to undergo medical checkups annually to ensure good health.

#6. Protect Your Sexual Health

Many things can impact a man’s sex life. Stress and certain chronic conditions can interfere with your ability to have sex. Unhealthy lifestyle habits can lead to problems getting or keeping an erection.

However, by making some healthy lifestyle changes and treating underlying conditions, you can improve your sex life and your ?uality of life in general.

Here are The 10 Factors That can affect The Men’s Sexuality:

#1. Heart Problems

heart problems
Health problems that affect your heart and the circulatory system could affect your sex life too. When you engage in sexual activity, your brain sends signals to nerves in your penis to increase blood flow.

That creates an erection. But if you have issues like clogged arteries, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol levels, there could be a break in these signals. This can lead to ED.

#2. Smoking

Smoking makes many health problems more likely, including heart disease. But men who smoke are also more likely to develop erectile dysfunction (ED). The toxins in cigarette smoke can also damage sperm. This can make it difficult or impossible to father a child.

Quitting smoking can dramatically reduce the risk of these sexual and reproductive health issues.

if you smoke and you’re having trouble quitting on your own, ask your regular doctor or your public health department for help. Talking with ex-smokers may also give you more confidence.

#3. Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

MS can damage nerves running along the spine. if this occurs, it can affect both your ability to be aroused and your ability to reach orgasm. MS can also cause fatigue, mood swings, and low self-esteem. all of these symptoms can take a toll on your sex life.

Men with MS who have sexual problems should talk with their doctor. addressing these issues can improve your sex life and your enjoyment of life.

#4. Diabetes

Over time, diabetes can damage key nerves and blood vessels, especially if you have trouble controlling your blood sugar level. The damage can interfere with the blood supply to the penis. as a result, men with diabetes are much more likely than other men to have ED.

They’re also more likely to develop ED at a younger age than men who don’t have diabetes. Good, consistent control of blood sugar levels is key to avoiding this and other diabetes complications.

#5. Exercise

Being sedentary can lead to weight gain, and men who are overweight are more apt to have ED. On the flip side, exercise could improve your sex life. Men who are physically active on a regular basis may have a better overall sexual function. That’s because exercise boosts your ability to have erections and orgasms.

You may see improvement if you get at least two hours of vigorous activity each week. Men who get about six hours of light activity weekly could also experience these health benefits.

#6. Depression

Depression has a negative effect on a man’s sex drive. Men who are depressed may feel sad, hopeless and irritable.

They tend to lose interest in sex. This loss of libido can make it harder for the brain to create an erection. Other emotional issues are also common causes of ED. These include stress, anxiety, and guilt.

Even if depression or other feelings aren’t affecting your sex life, it’s good to let your doctor know if you have persistent feelings of sadness, irritability, guilt or anxiety.

Seeing a counselor is another option. Many counselors specialize in men’s health and wellness.

#7. Spinal Cord Injury

spinal cord injury
Some spinal cord injuries can affect your ability to have sex. The injury can disrupt sexual signals from the brain. Many men with a spine injury can still get an erection, but many of these men cannot ejaculate. Those who can still achieve an orgasm may experience it differently than before their injury.

The effect that a spinal cord injury has on your sex life depends on where on the spine the injury occurred. How severe the injury makes a difference too. Many treatments and devices are available to improve erection as well as induce ejaculation.

#8. Cancer

Both cancer and cancer treatments can lead to ED. Some men with cancer have problems ejaculating and reaching orgasm. cancer treatment can affect your desire for sex. Some sexual side effects continue even after treatment ends.

Treatment for prostate cancer, in particular, may affect the quality of men’s sexual intimacy. it can also affect their sexual fantasies and how masculine they feel.

#9. Alcohol

Heavy drinking can hurt your sex life. it affects the production of male hormones. This can lead to ED. Heavy drinking can also lead to infertility. it can cause you to lose facial and chest hair too. an unhealthy drinking habit can encourage risky sexual behavior.

For instance, men who drink heavily are more likely to have unprotected sex or sex with more than one partner. abusing illegal drugs, like cocaine, can also increase your risk of ED.

#10. Medications

certain medications may trigger a drop in testosterone levels. a low level of this key male hormone can cause you to lose interest in sex.

ED is also a side effect of some prescription medicines. These include some drugs to treat high blood pressure, depression, heartburn, and ulcers. if you experience sexual side effects from medication, let your doctor know. You may be able to switch to a different drug.

Sex is a complicated subject overall and considering there are so many different things that are in regards to sex, it is hard to know everything about everything.

For many of these health factors, making changes in your lifestyle or managing an underlying condition can go a long way toward improving your desire for sex and your ability to achieve and maintain an erection.

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To start, have an open and honest discussion with your doctor. if this is awkward for you, keep in mind that sexual health problems are fairly common for both men and women. Your doctor has talked with countless patients about sex.

Work with your doctor to find the root of the problem and the most effective treatment options, whether lifestyle changes, medicine or devices.

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