The Top 10 Conditions & Problems that Can Affect Men’s Sexuality

Many people often associate men with being sex-obsessed and are always conditioned towards a specific sex drive.

However, they know little about men’s sexuality. In a quest to show you the truth and bare facts about their sexual orientation, we compiled ten facts that each and every person should know in order to understand men’s sexuality better.

1. Men are more Open to Casual Sex than Women

Men are more willing to engage in casual sex more than women. This is according to a study conducted by a research team in the year 2015.

The study found that, out of the men interviewed, 47% of them claimed to have participated in casual sex[1] at least once while most of them had no problem with casual sex.

On the other hand, fewer women were willing to engage in casual sex especially with an unfamiliar person and in unfamiliar environment. However, women were more willing to accept an invitation to casual sex when they felt that the environment was safe.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

2. Men are Considered Less Romantic than Women

Less Romantic Men
Basically, this is a commonly held perception about men’s sexuality. However, this may not be the case according to various sexologists.

This is due to the fact that, when it comes to sexuality, the sources of arousal may vary significantly from one person to another. Therefore, there might be times when a man may be more romantic than a woman and the opposite is also true.

However, they went on to claim that, sexual norms and taboos shaped the way both men and women experience sexuality.

3. Men are Not Always in the Mood of Sex

This is a misconception that has for a long time been held by people but according to research on men’s sexuality[2], there are various reasons that may not be favorable for men to have sex. They include tiredness, stress and even when the mind may be overburdened by thinking.

Just as women get tired and stressed and tired and don’t have the mood for sex, it is the same way that men are. Therefore, whenever your male partner tells you that he is not in the mood for having a good time, it would be best to understand that it is perfectly normal.

4. Physical Health does Not Impact Sexual Ability

Sexual Ability
Although most of the men that are physically fit are mostly considered to be the most sexually active, you may be wrong about this fact. Generally, a man may be physically fit but unable to function sexually due to erectile dysfunction (ED).


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Some of the conditions that cause erectile dysfunction include low testosterone levels, diabetes and thyroid problems among many others. Therefore, you should not follow the myth that a physically fit and well-built man is more likely to be the best sexually.

5. Men do Fake Orgasms

Faking orgasms was something that was previously associated with women. Most of the people basically believe that only women are involved in faking orgasms.

However, according to a study by the Time Out New York it found out that almost 30% of the men interviewed had previously faked an orgasm[3].

There are several reasons that make men fake orgasm. One of the reasons is that they may actually become bored with sex. Another reason is that they would like to boost the self-esteem of their partners.

6. Guys Find Women Wearing a Red Color more Attractive

Red Color more Attractive
The red color has for a long time been associated with love and romance, may be due to the fact that people wear red on valentines.

Therefore, it has been discovered that, a woman wearing red is found to be more attractive by men than other of her female counterparts.

In fact, the same woman wearing red is twice as likely to be asked out on a date and more money spent on her too! According to the journal of personality and psychology, men associate color red with romance and sex.

7. Exercise Improves Sexual Attraction

According to a research by the journal of personality and psychology, out of the 67 participants interviewed after a rigorous exercise such as the gym and sports, they found at men were more attracted to women than those who had performed no activity at all.

In addition, a guy’s stressful situation or high anxiety also increased the man’s attraction to the opposite sex. The study claimed that, this was due to the secretion of the hormone adrenaline which triggers a response of fight or flight. Therefore, these men were more willing to take risks and approach the opposite sex. Maca Man; a male enhancement product which you might try to improve the sexual performance.

8. Men Prefer Partners that Look Like their Parents

Men Prefer Partners
This is probably something that you did not know but according to a certain research conducted in the year 2016, men preferred a female that looked like their mother.

This is a condition known as sexual imprinting that means that, the faces we find appealing as adults are determined by our childhood.

9. Men think about sex more often than Women

A certain study by the Ohio state University seeking to find out the truth about men’s sexuality carried out an experiment with about 58 students both male and female.

Out of the participants, the young men claimed to have experienced sex thoughts at least 19 times per day on average.

When compared to their female counterparts, the number was significantly lower since they had an average of 10 thoughts of sex.

10. Low Sperm Count may lead to Infertility

Infertility Problem
It has always been a norm that people believe that whenever couples don’t get a child, it is always a woman with the problem.

Low sperm count and deformed sperms have been found to be a major cause of infertility in men. Scientific proofs[4]have shown that, out of 78 infertile men, 34 of them were found to have a low sperm count. You might improve your penis size by using this Vegetal Vigra; which is a sexual enhancement supplement for men.


These are basically factors that influence men’s sexuality. However, as we have seen above, most people are conditioned to think that the most physically erect men portray superiority in sexuality. This is not scientific since sexuality is enhanced by inside factors such as hormones and the mental capacity to handle your sexual orientation.

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