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Here’s What Women Really Think About During Sex

AuthorBy - Updated October 7, 2021
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What Women Think During Sex
Most men will want to know what exactly their women usually think about when they are making love. Unfortunately for them this remains a mystery for them because some of them find it hard to ask that what women think about during sex.

Because men are mostly sexually stimulated by what they see, the moment a lady stands in front of them naked all that will be flashing on their minds will be sex and nothing more.

Women on other hand are more emotional and are inclined to think about love and romance. Women are also known to be very good at multitasking and this explains why when a woman does something there will always be another thing she does passively in her thought. This also includes making love and most women don’t just think about sex while in the act.

Below are some discrete thoughts that most women usually think about during sex:

1. Is my Man Really Enjoying Sex with Me?

There was a study that was conducted in which women were asked to say what they thought about during sex.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Over fifty percent of the women interviewed said that when their men were busy pounding their way inside of them they were wondering if they were actually enjoying sex with them. This is why most men who moan when having sex with their ladies were more appealing to them than those who were indifferent.

Any man who wants to boost the confidence of her lady should take a cue from this and let what he feels during the act be known to her.

2. Thoughts of Threesomes

Some women have revealed that while they were having sex with their men, their minds swayed and thought about having threesomes with the man next door she had a soft spot for.

Experts reassure men not to worry about this as it is not necessarily harmful to the relationship but rather just a fantasy.

3. They Fantasize Crazy Things

Most women are usually too shy to show their crazy side while having sex with their men but indeed they always think dirty. They usually feel embarrassed talking about the crazy things they think about during sex.

What stops most of the ladies from saying what they are thinking about is their lack of confidence in their looks and their perception of how they think they taste to their men.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Men can help their women overcome this by telling them how sweet they taste and how great they smell for instance.

4. Some Women Think about Household Chores

There are some women who have testified that they thought about household chores or work during sex. Some of them said that they thought after sex they knew the laundry was still waiting for them to do.

Men can help their women to avoid this by making sex more interesting by introducing more exciting sex styles. Boring sex is what makes most women think about work or household chores, therefore, the best thing to do is make it exciting for her.

5. Some Women Think about their ex

Most women usually think about other men during sex and she may probably think about her ex during the act. Some women have confessed to fantasizing about their exes while having sex with their current partners.

Men can address this by making the woman to focus more on them by ensuring them that they make them orgasm. This may not be very healthy for the relationship and such women should find out ways they can only think about their current lovers during sex.

6. She is Thinking if you Really Love Her

Most women are usually obsessed with pleasing their men during sex and that is why they think about pleasing their men during sex.

Several questions usually flash in the minds of most women during sex such as; “Am I pleasing to him?” “Will he really stick with me after this?”

7. How Many Women has He Slept with?

Most women have confessed wondering about how many women the man they are having sex with has slept with. Women are usually attracted to men with experience and if your performance is good she will be wondering just how many women you have bedded.

Women’s attraction to men with experience should not, however, be confused with an attraction to womanizers.

All women want to find interesting from men with experience is the fact that they perceive that experienced men will satisfy them.


Knowing what your lady thinks about during sex may help you understand exactly what turns her on. If you knew for instance if she was worried about how you perceive her looks, you would reassure her how beautiful her body is to help boost her confidence.

Knowing what she thinks about during sex will also help you figure out how you can make her enjoy having sex with you.

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