Top 5 Sex Secrets Your Lady May Not Tell You About

It is a known fact that men and women think differently in almost every aspect of life. This is why they will also think differently about sex because their minds usually work in very different patterns. When it comes to sex specifically, knowing how women think can go a long way in helping you understand what they actually want and like.

Sex remains one of the most important things that will help spice up your relationship and this is why as a man you need to be aware of everything that goes on about it.

Below are some five sex secretes that ladies often find hard telling their men:

1. She wants You to make her Orgasm Before Proceeding to Intercourse

Most women usually like it when they are stimulated thoroughly during foreplay until they reach orgasm. Women find it interesting being touched in their erogenous zones because this helps to prepare them well making them submit fully to the occasion. The reason for them liking this is the fact that they usually take long to get ready for the actual intercourse.

Unlike men who will rise to the occasion simply by looking at their lady’s bodies, women must be prepared both psychologically and physically too. Unfortunately most men usually ignore this fact something which leaves their women not fully satisfied sexually.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Making your woman to orgasm during foreplay will also make it possible for her to have another orgasm during intercourse because she will have become more responsive. This is what will help make your sex life with her get improved.

2. Pay more Attention to Her not Obvious Erogenous Zones

Most men usually just concentrate on the obvious spots when trying to arouse their women sexually or when trying to give them sexual pleasure.

Some of the obvious spots that men usually go for include the breasts, vagina, clitoris, and the g-spot. The fact of the matter is that while these spots help to arouse most women, they don’t’ like it when you only pay attention only to these obvious spots. Women like it when you pay attention to the whole of her body.

The reason for this is the fact that there exist even more than 16 other hidden erogenous zones all over her body that will help to give her the pleasure she wants to experience. These other hidden erogenous zones found all over her body when caressed well will also help to make her become more responsive to vaginal stimulation.

3. She Would Like it When You Can Last Longer in Bed with Her

Most women get pissed off with men who cannot just control their ejaculation to last long with them. The reason is that when you come too early she will not reach orgasm and this means that you will leave her totally unsatisfied. Women find men who are able to last longer in bed with them more appealing and interesting too.

Most women will find men who can last a minimum of thirty minutes or more in bed with them more interesting that those who can’t last even for ten minutes. The reason for this is that when you last longer with her in bed you help her experience even multiple orgasms.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

4. She Would Like to be Teased More

Most women have complained that their man usually don’t even bother teasing them during sex. Women say that they prefer men who will tease them during sex as this is what will make them even beg for more from their men.

As a man you can tease your lady for instance during oral sex by kissing her thighs, darting your tongue inside of her vagina and sucking her clitoris gently with using your tongue.

Doing this before penetrating her with your penis helps to make her get even wild and by the time you will actually be getting inside of her, she will now be moaning in ecstasy.

5. She Wants You to Give Her More Attention After Sex

Women usually become completely open and vulnerable to men they have just had sex with. This will be your best chance to pay more attention to her because she wants you to be around her. Unlike men who just want sex for the physical aspect of it, women do sex for connection and intimacy. Most men usually annoy their ladies by ignoring them immediately after having sex with them.

Studies have found out that unlike men who will come down fast from sexual pleasure, women don’t. This is why she will want you to continue holding her tightly and sat close to her as she comes down slowly from her sexual pleasure.


Sex plays a very important role in spicing up and strengthening any given relationship between a man and a woman. This is why men should always try to look for ways of uncovering the sex secretes that their ladies often find hard to share with them.

Men who succeed in uncovering the above-discussed sex secretes from their women usually have even better relationships.

Next time when making out with your lady try implementing three or more of the above-discussed secretes and you will see how your lady will love you even more.

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