Penis Enlargement Supplements – Everything You Need To Know

Even though the average erect penis size is around 4.7 inches and as much as 85% of women are happy with the size of their partner’s erect penis, porn and social publications have created the idea that the average penis size is much larger and that women are not satisfied with an average sized penis.

If a man watches a porn movie, for example, and finds that the size of their erect penis is smaller than the man in the video, then they may become self-conscious and consider the size of their penis to be too small. This leads to a depressed behavior and often leads to a search for ways in which the man can increase the size of their penis.

Unfortunately, the results that men obtain when they search and opt for such methods are not always positive. To provide some clarity on the topic of penis enlargement and the many procedures and products that are available to men who are searching for this term, we decided to take a look at advertisements, the different solutions and even the medical options that are currently available.

We will be talking about the pros, cons, costs and all other elements that should be considered when a man is considering such a procedure or supplement to help you make a wiser decision.

How Does An Erection Work?

Erection Work
Before analyzing the different penis enlargement methods that are currently available to men, we should first consider how an erection works and take a look at the different mechanisms that are involved in an erection.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

When you educate yourself about this process, it will be easier to determine how effective the techniques can be.

First, let’s consider how the penis is structured. The penis itself consists of the shaft and the head. At the top of the head, also called the glans, you will find the meatus, an opening where semen and urine are expelled from.

Inside the penis, there are two primary chambers with cylinder-like shapes. These chambers are known as the corpora cavernosa, which consists of tissue, open pockets and blood vessels. Underneath the corporate cavernosa, there is a tube, known as the uthera, which is situated in the corpus spongiosum – this is where semen and urine flow through towards the opening at the top of the penis.

When a man experiences sexual stimulation, which can occur in different ways – for example, a man may experience sexual stimulation from something he hears, sees, feels or smells – the brain sends messages to blood vessels that are found in the corpora cavernosa. When these blood vessels receive a chemical message from the brain, they relax and allow excess blood to flow into the two chambers.

As blood enters these chambers, the penis becomes hard. This is how an erection occurs. Once an erection has been achieved, pressure then traps the blood inside the corpora cavernosa. When the pressure is released, blood flows out of the penis and the erection goes away.

Penis Enlargement Supplements And Techniques

Viagra is the oldest known sexual drug that is taken by men to increase their performance in the bed, but this pill is mostly used for erectile dysfunction.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Companies that specializes in pharmaceuticals have been taking advantage of the male enhancement market ever since Viagra became so popular. They have found a large variety of natural substances, including herbs, vitamins, minerals and spices, that can help men achieve better, harder and stronger erections without having to take Viagra. The reason these pills have become so popular is primarily due to the side-effects that have been reported by Viagra users, which may include flushing, dizziness, headaches, muscle pain, an upset stomach and back pain.

In some cases, more severe and even fatal side-effects have also been reported by men who have taken Viagra – these include a loss of vision and hearing, abnormal heartbeat, painful erections and even symptoms of a heart attack. The market continued to grow and soon many neutraceutical companies started to produce natural penis enlargement supplements – claiming that these herbal formulas can not only improve the hardness and strength of the male erection, but also give them some growth as well.

Supplements And Techniques

How Penis Enlargement Supplements Work?

Even though there is thousands of different penis enlargement products available on the market today, most of them have very similar functions – even when the ingredients used in two products are not the same, the way they work will often be the same. Common functions that the ingredients included in penis enlargement formulas will do, or, at least, claim to do:

  • Aphrodisiac / Libido Booster – If a man does not feel like having sex, then their penis will most likely not reach its full potential size. By including ingredients that contain natural aphrodisiac properties, these pills help the user “get in the mood”, which helps them gain a better erection.
  • Stamina / Energy Boosters – You are also likely to find some energy and stamina boosters in penis enlargement supplements. Being low on energy means you will not be able to reach your full potential in bed and not having enough stamina means the session will be over before you know it. By increasing stamina and energy, these products promise that you – and your erection – will last longer.
  • Blood Circulation Boosters – This is the most common function of penis enlargement supplements. You will most likely find claims on the product that states “boosts blood flow to the penis”. This is exactly how these products work – they include ingredients that may help to stimulate blood flow to the penis, which means more blood enters the corpora cavernosa during an erection. The result is an erection that is harder than before.

By considering the functions that these supplements can perform in the human body, you will notice that none of the actions will really provide any significant improvement in the size of the man’s erect penis.

Yes, the erection may seem somewhat larger than before – but this is only because the man’s libido was stimulated and more blood was made available to the penis during the erection. In this case, the penis was not really enlarged, but only allowed to expand to its full potential.

Final Words

Penis enlargement products can be found all over the internet and even at any local pharmacy. These products usually claim that its formula will increase the size of the male erection.

Unfortunately, the ingredients and actual functions that are provided by these products never actually increase the size of the penis, but rather only fills it with more blood, which, in turn, allows it to expand better than before.

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