5 Tricks to Make a Woman Become Obsessed with You

Most men usually find it hard to make women like them and have their attention. This may be due the fact that most men don’t understand the best way to get women to like them and want to be with them all the time.

Have you ever wondered why there are some men who all ladies in the neighborhood are dying to be with?

The magic of these men lie in the following tips that detail everything that you need to know and do for you to become a prince for almost all women:

1. Act Like A Hero

When the lady you are interested in is in some kind of trouble or experiencing some problems, don’t just sit back and wait for things to go the way they are going. You may not have a solution to all her problems but at least you can help improve the situation she is in.

For example if her car tyre gets punctured help her replace it with a good one. When offering help to her though make sure that she accepts your offer instead of trying to force yourself to helping her.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

There are some instances where you may be unsure whether the girl you are interested in likes you or not. The best thing that you can do in such a case is playing cool and then figure out how you can make her realize you.

2. Be Conscious With Your Looks

Women like men who are clean and smartly dressed and will keep away from men who are shaggy and untidy.

Women often feel proud to be around men who look smart and tidy because all these are signs of a successful man. When you wear clothes go for those that fit you properly to make you look a little sexy.

If you are the fat guy try to shed off some fats for you to look fit and strong, women get attracted to men they think are physically fit and often shy away from obese men. You can achieve this by eating the right foods and going to the gym regularly. The other good activities that will help you get fit include riding bicycles, swimming, jogging or even simply playing soccer.

3. You Have To Be Charming

There are very different ways that you can get charming to ladies out there. You can be charming in the following ways:

  • Being a gentleman: when you take a lady for a date let the charm in you come out by paying for all the bills. Whenever you go to the hotel or theatre open the door for her and also pull the chair for her to sit on. All ladies like to be treated like queens and when you all these things you will be getting a place into her heart.
  • Have a sense of humor: ladies like men who are humorous and can make them laugh almost all the time. You can come up with a funny story that will make her laugh her heart out.
  • Be intelligent: try your best to get updated of the current affairs because girls like men who are informed and not those who don’t have any clue about the going-on.

4. Don’t Be A Pushy Guy

Women need space to be alone sometime and they will get pissed off with a guy who wants to stay close to them all the time. Give her time to be alone and trust me when you give her all the time she needs she will start to miss you. It is better to give her some control and this will definitely work in your favor. If a lady is not interested in going out with you like for example having sex with you, let her be but don’t try to force her to accept it. If you force her to do things she doesn’t like she will start to hate you.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

5. Act Like You are Not Interested

By acting like a man who is not interested you surely will drive ladies crazy because you will look secure in their eyes. This will make them want to get closer to you to uncover the mystery about you.

When you show that you are too needy on them they will take you for granted and perhaps you will drive them away from you. Women like being challenged so you can use this to your advantage and get them to be obsessed with you.


Most men usually struggle to win over ladies because of the simple mistakes that they make in creating the first impression about themselves. Whenever approaching any lady show confidence because women are usually impressed with confident men.

You also need to be clean and smartly dressed because if you approach a lady when you are poorly dressed that will only chase her away from you.

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Stacii Jae Johnson is a dating and relationship expert who coaches and inspires badass single women who excel in most areas of their lives, except love on how to create power over their dating lives and attract the love they deserve.