Obesity & Libido- Is There Any Connection Between These Two?

There are a number of factors that are known to cause the problem of libido in men. Some of the causes of a reduced sex drive may be low amounts of testosterone in the body, stress, anxiety, poor health, and weight gain. Practices such as increasing your workouts, eating healthy, and losing weight will greatly help you to enhance your libido and go back to your once wonderful sex life.

Exercising is the best way that you can use to lose weight for you to enhance your libido.

So what is the connection between weight and libido in men?

The following points will help to explain more about the correlation between weight and libido and why you need to exercise for you to have a better sexual life:

Being Overweight Hampers Circulation

The male sexuality is closely related to circulation and any man who usually finds it hard to achieve or even keep an erection may be suffering from insufficient blood flow to the genital areas.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Excess weight is usually blamed for hindering blood flow in the body due to the partial clogging of blood vessels caused by excessive fats in the body. The best way to ensure optimum blood flow throughout the body is by de-clogging the blood vessels because it is these vessels that carry blood to the penis needed to achieve and sustain erections.

Doing exercises is a good way of removing the extra fats that are found in the body and men who wish to improve their libidos should perform workouts that last for at least 30 minutes every day.

Excessive Weight Interferes With The Heart’s Optimum Functioning

Excessive weight has been linked to several issues that affect the heart negatively. Obesity in itself has been linked with numerous health conditions that underline cardiovascular disease which include high blood pressure, diabetes, and anomalous blood cholesterol.

Certain scientific studies excessive fat tissue particularly those found around the waist usually have a direct effect on the heart structure and function.

Excessive weight interferes with the heart’s ability to pump blood the way it should. Great sex needs a healthy heart that is able to pump blood sufficiently in the body especially towards the penis. When the heart is surrounded by lots of fats due to excess weight it ability to pump blood freely is greatly reduced. This will consequently affect the man’s sex drive negatively.

Poor heart health that is caused by excess weight also causes erectile dysfunction in men. Fatty foods and no exercise which cause weight gain, are also known to cause the narrowing and hardening of arteries a process known scientifically as atherosclerosis, this where cholesterol and other substances build up in the artery walls.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Excess Weight Causes Loss in Stamina

Men with excess weight usually are not physically fit and find it hard to last long in bed with their partners. When this occurs there will be disappointment on both partners which may lead to relationship problems.

A man who cannot be able to satisfy his partner due to lack of stamina will often get anxious during sex and this may make him not rise to the occasion. Thoughts of poor sexual performance on such a man will cause anxiety or even depression consequently leading to reduced libido in the long run.

Men who are physically fit have got the stamina needed for a great sexual experience that most women desire. These kind of men will also be confident something which automatically helps to enhance the libido.

Losing weight helps to enhance libido and not just that it also acts as an ego boost to men which they need in the bedroom for great sex. Men need to feel good about their bodies for them to be able to overcome performance anxiety. Getting into shape helps a lot by spicing up a man’s ego.

Excess Weight and the Risk of Low Testosterone

Scientific research suggest that being overweight or having diabetes may cause a person’s testosterone levels to plummet. When this actually happens libido is also going to be affected negatively.

Testosterone is the hormone that helps a man to have a normal sex drive and when its levels take a dip in the body there will certainly by a loss of interest in sex. The best thing to do in cases where it is suspected that testosterone levels have taken a dip due to excessive weight is simply to exercise more to burn up the extra pounds.


Weight gain and the possibility of low libido usually go hand in hand. Excessive weight usually comes with numerous health complications that affect the heart and the circulatory system.

A good sex live depends on an efficient circulatory system and a heart that works well. The penis needs sufficient blood supply for it to get erect and do its job as required.

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