Does Cycling Causes Erectile Dysfunction In Man

Having a good appearance and a healthy glowing skin is a dream and desire of most of the people in the world. People use a lot of things to keep themselves and their skin nourished and healthy.

People use some different types of techniques to nourish their skin so that they should be able to take care of the skin and make it beautiful and healthy. The first thing is to moisturize their skin.

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Exercise is another source of staying healthy and most people adopt different kinds of sports to perform their daily workout. Cycling is one of the best workouts as it provides the best cardio and aerobic workout to the body keeping it healthy and fit but some people take it too far.

Extreme cycling can be dangerous for your manhood as it damages your erection and causes erectile dysfunction. This does not mean it is inevitable, it can be cured but should be taken care off because prevention is better than cure. In this article, we will provide you all the useful and beneficial information about the link between cycling and erectile dysfunction.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Cycling and Erectile Dysfunction

We will also tell you about all the important and beneficial point through which you can understand the link between cycling and erectile dysfunction and also avoid it with some simple precautions. We will tell you all the protections and their links but first, you should know about erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction: Erectile dysfunction is a process in which the male reproductive part of the human body is affected and the erection does not take place in that organ.

Erection is really necessary for reproduction and if the male part becomes weak and could not be able to erect properly the men loses the ability to reproduce and this whole process of losing the erection ability is called erectile dysfunction.

This can occur due to extreme cycling which means if cycling is done more than a regular capacity of the human body it starts to damage the erection ability of men’s reproductive system.

Erection Problem Occur


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Effects Of Cycling On Erection: During cycling, you sit on the seat in such a way that your whole weight is distributed in two parts across your buttocks. This division of weight takes the pressure off the perineum which is a part of human body that starts from the anus and ends on the reproductive organs of the human being. It means up to the penis in men and up to the clitoris in women.

This whole part consists of one of the essential nerves and arteries of the body which provides blood and connects the brain to the reproductive organs. The compression that occurs on this part results in lesser blood supply and supply of the nutrients to the reproductive organs.

This decreased blood supply can cause erectile dysfunction in which erection does not occur and the loss of sensation and other things can also occur due to the lesser blood supply to the reproductive parts of the human beings.

It has also been proven by the research that extreme amount of cycling can cause erectile dysfunction at a high probability percentage.

Solutions And Preventions To Avoid Erectile Dysfunction: It is really easy to eradicate the problems and devise new solutions for avoiding the erectile dysfunction caused by extreme cycling.

Here are a few steps which will surely help you in decreasing the chances of erectile dysfunction which is caused by extreme cycling.


  • Sitting upright on the bicycle is better for decreasing the chances of erectile dysfunction. You can also raise the handlebar of the cycle for your convenience so you can sit easily on your bicycle without causing erectile dysfunction.
  • Avoid using narrow racing seats on the bicycle because they have a long nose and lesser space to settle your hips on the seat so the weight is not balanced properly and the pressure comes on the perineum which causes erectile dysfunction.
  • Always try to shift your position in shorter time spans when riding a bicycle and take small brakes during the ride to give rest to your perineum.
  • Whatever you do but do not tilt the position of your seat upwards when you have to ride the cycle for a very long time because it increases the pressure on the perineum which results in erectile dysfunction.

Cycling is really good for health as it keeps you fit, active and healthy but manhood is more important than only to stay healthy so if you also want to stay healthy down there and you cycle way too much then you should think of improving your habits and cycle a little less to avoid the erectile dysfunction and keep your manhood safe.

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So here are all the important points which you should pay heed upon if you are a die-hard cyclist and also want to stay healthy down there. I am definitely sure that you will love this article especially the men because it has all the important information in the context which will be really beneficial for you in every aspect.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

I hope this article will assist you in clearing all the doubts in our head which is related to the link between cycling and erectile dysfunction but if there is anything which is still left unclear then feel free to ask us anything you want to know regarding this topic.

We will be really delighted to provide you all the information we have on all your queries and questions and in providing you all the solution to your problems according to our best research and knowledge.

We will provide all the answers to your questions in our next articles so you should look forward to our latest updated and informative articles because those articles will have all the detailed information for you.

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