First Date Sex – Should Guys Request for Sex on the First Date?

There is this lady in your neighborhood that you have always admired but she has often been so elusive to you. Fortunately out of the blue after playing your cards right the girl in question accepts your advances and even promises to go out with you on a date.

The big day finally sets in but you still have a problem though, you need her so badly in bed but you are scared that by asking her for sex you might scare her off.

You are under pressure because of your feelings but you also don’t want to scare her off, what will you do? You should keep off any elaborate scheming and instead just keep it simple.

It is important that you act very carefully and tactfully when trying to consummate a new relationship for you not to mess things up.

Remember that you worked so hard to win her over and so it wouldn’t be in your interest to lose her due to your clumsiness right? You are guaranteed that getting everything right on your first try will definitely make her stick with you.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Below are some tips that you can use to request for sex from her in your first date:

#1 Get Closer To Her

There is what we call personal space and there are different levels of personal space.

Usually, when you get closer to someone especially a lady the more it will feel intimate for the two of you. When she accepts you to be close to her and be in her personal space it will make her feel comfortable around you. This is what will ultimately enhance her attraction to you and make it easy for you to even go further ahead with your plan.

If you went out to a dinner together with her why not sit next to her rather across the table? And when sitting next to her on the chair put yourself in a way that your bodies touch. When you are walking together in the park you could hold her hand and if she doesn’t mind you could proceed and put your hand around her.

If you know you want to ask her for sex but you keep a distance from her you will be ruining your chances of being accepted. She may feel that you are getting defensive and may not feel safe with you either. Don’t treat her like a stranger because she too will react by treating you like a stranger.

#2 Give Her A Seductive Gaze

One of the smartest moves a man can make to give a lady the impression that he wants sex is by looking into her eyes seductively. The eyes usually give strong statements and looking at her seductively will help prepare the way for you so that when you finally ask her for the big thing you will more likely get a positive response.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

#3 Talk Sexy To Her

Another great way to let her know your intentions is by talking sexy. You can tell her how sexy and cute she is and then watch her reaction, if she appears amused by your sexy words you can go ahead give her sexy suggestions. This will make it easy for you to ask her for sex without appearing to be awkward to her.

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#4 Talk More Intimate Topics With Her

Initiate sex topics with her and if she is ok with it proceed to ask her more forward questions without any fear. You could start off by telling this, “Now that we have been enjoying this date together would you mind going home with me this night for us to be alone?” This kind of question is straight yet not demanding so that should she decline there still be chances for you to make a try again next time.

You cannot succeed to have sex with a woman in your first date if you don’t ask for it. Other questions that go like this, “what’s your perception of sex on the first date?” or “what is the secrete thing that turns you on sexually?” can go a long way in helping convincing her to agree to having sex with you on the first date.

#5 Don’t Wait Any Longer, Go For A Kiss

This move is what will have a great influence on your success rate with her. Most men who attempt to kiss their ladies on the first date but fail to get it right away usually have high chances of building romantic connections later than those who don’t. This is so because women tend to like men who can surprise them than those who are predictable.

Be sure with your timing though because if you don’t do it tactfully things may turn out ugly for you.

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It is a fact that most men usually want to have sex with the ladies they have just won over as soon as the possibly can.

What these men usually find difficult is how they can ask for sex from the ladies because of the perception that men who ask for sex in the first date are perverted and dishonest. This is not true because love entails several things emotional, psychological and physical too. However, if you get consent from her, then show your best performance with male enhancer like Viril X.

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