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15 Helpful Tips To Maintain Longer-Lasting Erections

AuthorBy - Updated July 6, 2021
15 Helpful Tips To Maintain Longer-Lasting Erections
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An erection is considered simply the most important part of the sexual satisfaction. It offers a man the ability to provide sexual stimulation to his partner in bed, and offers both the man and his partner an immense amount of pleasure once they reach an orgasm.

Even though the erection is the most vital part of truly satisfying sex for many people, not all men are able to obtain a rigid erection every time sex is on the table – and sometimes they are unable to maintain their erection long enough for sex to deliver than anticipated level of pleasure.

Erection problems are more common than most people think. Even though a lot of men prefer not to openly discuss the problems they are experiencing in the bedroom, research suggests that up to 40% of men who are over 40 experiences symptoms of erectile dysfunction, as reported by Cleveland Clinic[1].

How To Get Longer-Lasting Erections

Erectile dysfunction symptoms can be caused by a variety of factors, including medical conditions, mental ailments, lifestyle factors and as a side-effect when using certain medication.

Sometimes, however, the symptoms are experienced due to a less significant contributing factor. Thus, for a man who is experiencing poor erections, the first step to improving his erectile dysfunction – in such a way that he is able to gain harder erections and faster erections – he would first have to consider what may be causing him to experience his erectile problems.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

According to Mayo Clinic[2], common health conditions that may affect a man’s erectile function include heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

When such a health problem is causing poor erectile function, then administering a targeted treatment to address that particular health problem often helps to restore optimal erectile function.

Should mental issues be the problem, then the man may want to opt for certain therapy types. There are many professionally-trained sex coaches and therapists around the world that are often able to provide men with assistance in dealing with emotional problems that are causing them to experience erectile dysfunction symptoms.

In addition to these particular strategies, men should also consider the fact that if they are simply facing poor quality erections, then there are some methods that can be utilized to help improve their erectile function.

hard truth about erectile dysfunction

According to Men’s Health[3], one of the most significant lifestyle factors that contribute to poor erectile function is smoking – smoking causes a restriction in blood vessels; thus leading to less blood flowing to the penis during an erection. This does not only cause weaker erections, but also leads to smaller erections.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Another important factor to consider if your erections are weaker than what you would prefer is your bodyweight. Obesity has been strongly linked to weaker erections, as well as a higher risk of developing erectile dysfunction.

With this in mind, be sure to check your weight and calculate your BMI. If you find that is can lose some body fat, then make some appropriate changes to your life in order to reduce your bodyweight.

The techniques that can be utilized for reductions in body fat are often also beneficial in other areas of a man’s life.

For example, according to a report by Medical Daily[4], research has shown that physical exercise has positive effects on a man’s erectile function, and may also be beneficial for those individuals who suffer from symptoms that are associated with erectile dysfunction.

Similarly, switching from an unhealthy diet to a diet that includes healthier choices may also have a beneficial impact on a man’s sex life – when healthier food choices are included in their diet, they may be able to reduce the severity of certain health problems that are causing them to experience weaker erections. An excellent example would be to include more Pistachios in your daily diet.

Healthline[5] reports that a recent study was able to produce evidence that a nut-heavy diet, with pistachios as the primary nut type, have the ability to offer a significant improvement in erectile quality amongst men who were suffering from erectile dysfunction symptoms.

As a final tip to achieving a more rigid erection at a faster rate, we want our readers to note the fact that sexual intercourse is not a race. Do not try to speed things up. Even though things may tend to get steamy rather quickly in the bedroom, try out some foreplay.

A lot of men find that their erectile quality is much better when they take things slowly, such as when starting with some foreplay outside of the bedroom, and then gradually moving things to the bedroom for a steamy session of sex.

Tips To Help You Maintain Longer-Lasting Erections

While it may be somewhat of an achievement when a man is able to improve the quality of their erections or increase the speed at which they are able to produce a rigid erection during sexual intercourse, it should be noted that another extremely important factor is the duration for which the man is able to maintain that erection.

There is no use in celebrating a strong erection if it will only last for a minute or two. Thus, certain strategies also need to be utilized in order to make sure that strong erection lasts for an adequate amount of time to ensure an equal level of pleasure can be provided to both the man and his sexual partner.

1. Get Checked For Hormonal Imbalances

Get Checked For Hormonal Imbalances

When a man finds that they are unable to maintain a rigid erection during sexual intercourse, then the first aspect they need to check out is their physical wellbeing. In the male body, a hormone imbalance may contribute to weak erections or an erection that does not last long enough for sexual intercourse to be thoroughly pleasurable.

Even though the prevalence of testosterone deficiency amongst men is not as high as the prevalence of erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders, it should still be a priority for a man to at least get their hormone levels checked.

Low testosterone levels are known to cause a lack of sexual desire, which may interfere with a man’s ability to last long during sexual intercourse.

2. Check Your Medication

Some types of medication are known to interfere with a man’s abilities in the bedroom, such as cause him to experience weaker erections or not being able to maintain his erections for an adequate amount of time during sex.

Thus, the next step should be to check up on the medication you are currently using. Cleveland Clinic[6] explains that certain antihistamines, diuretics, anti hypertensives and some types of antidepressants can all cause erectile problems in a man. Additionally, drugs used to treat Parkinson’s disease may also cause these particular side-effects.

3. Participate In Regular Exercises

Physical exercise is not only important for being able to achieve an erection in the first place, but also plays a role in a man’s ability to maintain his erection. Being in a good, fit shape means a man has higher levels of endurance and stamina.

In turn, this helps him perform during sexual intercourse without getting tired or running out of energy. When a man runs out of energy during sex, he may lose his erection.

4. Eat A Healthy, Balanced Diet

Eat A Healthy, Balanced Diet

Similar to how physical exercise plays a part in both being able to have an erection and to maintain the erection, a healthy diet also plays a role in these functions in the male body.

Ensure you consume a diet that is filled with colorful food choices, and try to make vegetables and fruit, as well as other plant-based foods, your primary source of food on a daily basis. You do not have to eliminate meat from your diet, but try to consume meat in moderation.

5. Take A Natural Male Enhancement Supplement

If you feel like physical exercise and a balanced diet are not doing the trick for you, then consider adding a natural male enhancement supplement to the mix. There is a significant number of different supplements on the market, each with their pros and cons.

Look for a natural male enhancement supplement that primarily focuses on improving erectile function and libido, and makes sure the supplement does not contain some of the more harmful natural substances that may cause unpleasant side-effects. An example of such an ingredient to avoid is Yohimbe.

6. Limit The Amount Of Alcohol You Drink

While alcohol might make you feel more “loose” during a night out with your friends, consuming too much alcoholic beverages will most definitely not do your sex life any favors.

Everyday Health[7] reports that alcohol is classified as a depressant, which means it can cause a man to experience a reduction in their mood. This can, in turn, lead to problems with their libido and erectile function. There is no need to completely eliminate all alcohol from your life, but moderation is the key to a happy sex life.

7. If You Are A Smoker, Then Give Up Smoking

Smoking is one of the worst habits that a person can adopt, yet millions of people smoke cigarettes on a daily basis. This habit causes a large number of health problems, including an increased risk of cancer, heart disease and more.

Since smoking has an adverse impact on blood vessels throughout the human body, it also causes issues with a man’s erectile function. Continued smoking leads to a lower amount of blood being available in the groin region; thus causing weak erections that also does not last long.

8. Take Care Of How You Manage Stress

Take Care Of How You Manage Stress

Stress is one of the major concerns in the modern world, especially at the pace we live our everyday lives today. Stress from work and from home piles up continuously, and may cause you to experience numerous adverse effects, including a higher risk of heart problems and depression.

Additionally, stress may also dampen your libido and cause erectile problems since you may be too stressed to become interested in having sex with your partner.

9. Keep Your Focus On Your Partner

When you are having sex, do you place all of your attention on your partner, or does your mind start to wander and take note of potential distractions? Distractions can completely ruin what could have been the perfect and steamiest session in the bedroom.

If you find that you are easily distracted during sexual intercourse, try to take care of the distractions or have sex in a location where there will be less distractions to keep you from focusing on your partner.

10. Keep Your Blood Pressure Low

High blood pressure, a medical condition also known as hypertension, is known to contribute to the development of symptoms related to erectile dysfunction. This is because hypertension causes damage to arteries in the human body, which then leads to less blood being pushed into the penis when a man obtains an erection.

While there is some medication that may help manage hypertension, it should be noted that certain beta-blockers can cause erectile dysfunction as a side-effect. For this reason, first see if you can reduce your blood pressure naturally, perhaps by making simple changes in your lifestyle.

11. Maintain Low Cholesterol Levels

High cholesterol levels are known to contribute to a variety of health ailments, as well as cause the heart to develop problematic conditions.

A healthy heart greatly contributes to a healthy erection; thus when high cholesterol levels are causing poor heart health, it may also have a negative effect on a man’s erectile function – thus leading to poor erections or erections that does not last for the duration of sexual intercourse.

12. Eat Foods That Contain L-Arginine

Eat Foods That Contain L-Arginine

L-Arginine is a naturally occurring amino acid that acts as a building block of protein. In addition to this particular function, the body also converts this particular amino acid into a gas molecule called Nitric Oxide.

Nitric Oxide has a significant effect on the vasodilation process of blood vessels in the body. Better vasodilation leads to improved blood flow; thus enhancing erectile function. According to Healthline[7], the best natural sources of L-Arginine include turkey, chicken, pork lion, pumpkin seeds, soybeans, peanuts and spirulina.

13. Consume Food That Have Aphrodisiac Properties

Libido plays an important part in a man’s ability to produce a firm erection, as well as their ability to maintain their firm erection during sex. There are many foods that possess aphrodisiac properties, a term that refers to properties of certain foods that causes a person to experience an increase in their sex drive.

Redbook[8] recommends oysters, chili peppers, avocado, bananas, chocolate, watermelon, honey and drinking a cup of coffee.

14. Consider Erectile Dysfunction Medication

When all else seem to fail, then it might be time to consult with a healthcare professional in order to obtain prescription medication that have been designed to address erectile dysfunction directly.

There are different types of drugs that can be offered to a patient to help them improve their erectile function, but these options do come with some risks – numerous potential side-effects have been associated with the use of these drugs.

Thus, be sure to consider both the pros and cons, and to discuss the use of such medication with a doctor before proceeding with this particular tip.

15. See A Sex Therapist

See A Sex Therapist

As a final tip, we would like to advise our readers that they should not completely overlook the fact that seeing a sex therapist may have some benefits in store for them.

Sex therapists are experienced in the field of maintaining a healthy sex life, and they are often able to help a man identify potential areas in their life that are causing them to experience the problems they are facing during sex.

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When a man suffers from erectile issues, his life may be affected in an adverse way – not only will his sex life suffer, but the effects of erectile dysfunction symptoms may also cause issues with his relationship.

Restoring optimal erectile function to an extent where the man is able to gain a hard erection quickly helps to improve his sex life, but obtaining an erection only gets a man started with sexual intercourse.

In addition to finding out how to gain better erections faster, men should also consider methods that may help them maintain their rigid erection for prolonged periods of satisfying sexual intercourse. In this post, we described some essential ways for a man to improve their erectile function and increase the time they are able to keep their erection. You can check this MaxMan Review which is a male enhancement supplement helps to improve the poor erections.

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