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Know the Top 4 Limitations of Naked Yoga

AuthorBy - Updated July 5, 2021
Know the Top 4 Limitations of Naked Yoga
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Before you get on all fours doing the downward dog with your butts in the air for the whole class of Yoga students to look at, let’s talk about the limitations of being a participating in a Nude Yoga environment.

I have read many articles about how great a Nude Yoga class can be and how it has so many benefits for one’s self-esteem, body image, confidence, and self-expression.

Ok, I can see what all the benefits of being unclothed with a group of strangers may be like, as I have also been to many nude events and I have even facilitated a presentation in without clothes on in front of an audience of 80 people myself.

What I hear and what I have experienced personally is how liberating it is and how it brings out the feeling of normality and naturalness of who you are as a connected and sexual human being.

For many that attend the class will feel more self-expressed, confidant and free in their skin BUT what we never hear or talk about is all the limitation’s that Bare Yoga can have on some individual’s mental and emotional needs, they may feel the absolute opposite in reality for all we know.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Even though Naked Yoga has so many positive aspects to it and has helped many women and men feel more comfortable in their bodies what we haven’t addressed is what about those that find being naked in front of anyone extremely daunting and somewhat traumatic? Well, yes most of these people will most likely never attend a class like this if they thought it was so going to be way too out of their comfort zone.

However the door has slightly opened, and a few of this individual are curious enough to take their first step into the world of nudity, sexuality and are intending on discovering more about themselves.

Four Top Reason’s Nude Yoga Has Its Limitations!

1. Are You Ready To Get Naked In Front Of A Group Of Strangers?

Body Structure Unveil
You maybe in for a shock if you are not ready to fully unveil your body to a room full of people at a NUDE Yoga class. Depending on your culture and or your conditioning as a child around sexuality and nudity you may find this quiet damaging if you were raised in a conservative family with strong religious beliefs and values.

Even though you what to get out of your comfort zone be careful not to go over the edge where you may end up feeling self-conscious, shameful and scared to be naked and raw with a group of people you have never met before.

This is why I always say if you want to undress someone that is not yet openly expressed or ready to be revealed make sure you do it slowly, it may have to be that slow you start with taking off a sock so to speak.

Throwing yourself in into the deep end by taking off all your clothes it difficult enough for the first time let alone doing Yoga poses where your body will be viewed at in many different angles as well. Take it slow, get to know your limits and boundaries, check in with yourself first to make sure Bare Yoga is something you want to do.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

2. Is Someone In The Class Making You Feel Uncomfortable And Even More Naked Than You Already Are?

Bare Yoga Class

We like to think everyone that chooses to go to a bare yoga class is all of the same wave lengths and have come together to participate with all good intentions.

This is not always the case; you may find that at least one person who has attended either bare yoga or a sacred sexuality workshop may be there for a different reason and their intention may be somewhat very different to your own intention.

If your first experience is not a pleasant one and if it feels not so good at any given moment you will most likely never go back to a second class. I am here to bring these pros and cons to your awareness so you can make the experience a whole lot more of positive and empowering one.

3. What If Nude Yoga Makes You Feel Even More Self-Conscious About Your Body?

Here you are going to a Nude Yoga class to enjoy all the benefits it has to offer until you finally get there and it’s not quiet what-what you imagined.

Unconsciously the self-judgment comes in when you see some of the beautiful bodies in the class, and then you are all of a sudden holding your tummy in or feeling uncomfortable in the certain position because the person behind you can see what you had for breakfast.

Honestly, this could affect your technique and possibility of causing you an injury if you are so worried about what other’s may think of your body then this class really may not be your best choice.

4. Maybe You Are Not A Big Fan Of Yoga In The Nude After All

Bare Skinned
You may feel comfortable enough being in bare skinned and in a class that has always been easy for you but when it came to the combination of Yoga and being Bare Skinned you know it’s just not for you. You may have felt a little too embarrass or uneasy in certain positions.

Nude Yoga really is not for everyone, it may be the answer to help with body image and self esteem for those that are already open and ready for this type of experience but if you are curious at looking at ways to help you feel good about yourself and raise your self-worth to make sure you do what suits you not what happens to be some time of fad or what your friends are into.

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If you want to feel great about the skin, you are in it can be done in many other ways that may sit closer to your own values and boundaries. For instance, you may want to wear beautiful feeling fabrics that still make you feel sensual, sexy and help you feel connected to your beautiful body.

Most of all do what you feel is best for yourself I am just bringing you some limitations on Nude Yoga to help you be more aware of what can potentially happen. No matter what make sure you enjoy whatever experiences you may choose.

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