10 Sex Dream Interpretations: Know What Your Dream Wants To Tell You

It is a fact that you can’t control your dreams. Some say that it is a subconscious thing. And this is the same when it comes to sexual dreams. There are people who are a little ashamed when it comes to having such dreams but it is not something that you can just stop.

In fact, according to studies, 8% of the American population has these kinds of dreams. In addition to that, women have these dreams just as frequently as men do according to a study from the University of Montreal.

In order to be more at ease whenever you have these dreams, here are some of the facts that you can bear in mind. In the end, knowledge is always power and learning more about them can help you deal with them in the process.

1] Sexual Dreams Are Complex Reflections Of Your Fears And Desires

Sexual dreams are definitely part of a human condition. They are connected to everything that going on in your life. In fact, according to Psychologist Gillian Holloway, sexual dreams can be considered as the fulfillment of your wish. It can be a reflection of your wants and fears.

But you shouldn’t be afraid if someone who you don’t want to pop out from your sexual dreams. It does not necessarily mean that you want to have sex with that person. What it could mean is that the specific person possesses qualities that you want yourself to have but haven’t developed yet. The dreams signify the exposing of a person’s vulnerability. In fact, according to Dream Psychologist Ian Wallace, these dreams and the character in them can be a representation of your personality.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

2] People Have Sexual Dreams Because Of Their Subconscious Minds’ Intense Activity But The Mind Also Has Dream Censor

People’s minds are incredibly interesting. As much technology and developments have been accomplished today, there is still a lot of mystery that goes along with the activities of the brain and mind. And this is especially true when it comes to people’s subconscious minds.

Deep urges come from people’s minds and according to psychology, this is the exact cause of sex dreams. But however nasty you may think you have when it comes to dreams, there is, in fact, a dream censor that is built-in on your mind. This dream censor is known to clean up dreams and what have you.

In fact, for those who have a strict outlook and upbringing, there is a tendency that their sexual dreams won’t be as graphic as other people and be replaced with symbolism. Some of the dream censors of men and women can include the following:


  • For vaginas:
    • Tunnels
    • Subways
  • For Breasts:
    • Hillocks
    • Mounds

Women For Penises:

  • Cigars
  • Church Spires
  • Tall Chimneys
  • Rockets

3] Some Of The Most Common Sexual Dreams Reported By Clients And Patients Are Disturbing To Other People

Some Of The Most Common Sexual Dreams Reported By Clients And Patients


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Yes, it cannot be denied that there will be dreams that can seem to be disturbing to most of the populace. In fact, some of the most common dreams are a little unconventional and disturbing. The most common sex dreams of these people are the following:

  • Intimate activity with own partner or spouse but usually in crazy situations
  • Sexual activities involving violence and other similar occurrence
  • Having sexual intercourse with a popular TV personality or movie star
  • Having taboo relationship and intercourse with a close relative
  • Intimate activity with a neighbor that end up to the person being unfaithful to his/her partner
  • Sexual activity involving something they have and can’t stand in real life
  • Having sex with unknown strangers
  • Being involved sexually to two people or more in the form of an orgy
  • Having relations with an ex-partner from long time ago
  • Having sex with someone with same-sex as the person even if he or she is as straight as an arrow

While some of the sexual dreams can definitely be disturbing, it cannot be denied that they can’t be controlled however a dream censor may be in their minds.

4] People Can Have Orgasm When Having Sexual Dreams

Sexual dreams are dreams and they occur in your minds but it does not mean that it does not have any physical results. The fact is that you can actually have an orgasm when having a sexual dream. Surprisingly, a lot of women reported experiencing their very first orgasms when they were in a sexual dream, according to The Big ‘O’ (Hodder: 1995).

While men more often experience sexual dreams, when women have them, they are usually sexually highly charged. This is the reason why they experience their orgasms even through dreams.

When it comes to males though, based on a research conducted by Dr. Alfred Kinsey, 70% of men who have sexual dreams end up having nocturnal emissions. Nocturnal emissions, more commonly known as wet dreams, are dreams that are associated with climax and ejaculation.

With these kinds of dreams, there is a huge chance that it can lead to sheets being stained. This is especially a problem for younger men who have the tendency to produce a large volume of semen, even when the sexual pleasure is accomplished only through dreams.

5] Sexual Or Wet Dreams Are Not Harmful Or Dangerous

Sexual Or Wet Dreams Are Not Harmful

You may have already heard about wet dreams being harmful, especially to men. But the truth is that it is not. Many young men who came from Asia have this belief that when semen is excreted from the body, there is a tendency for it to weaken and even end up in shortening one’s life.

Wet dreams are your body’s natural response to hormones and suppressed desires and fears. For men, they do not harm your health or shorten your life. And for women, your future fertility won’t be compromised with it.

Whatever religious or national affiliations you may have, what you need to know is that there is no actual negative influence and implication that you can have from sexual dreams. It is a natural body reaction and occurrence that you don’t need to be guilty about.

6] Sexual Dreams Can Also Mean Dreams Of Love

Yes, sexual dreams can be considered incredibly physical. Most of these dreams would entail your body interacting with another’s. But in actuality, there are sexual dreams that can also be considered as dreams of love.

Dreams of love are usually depicted by the feeling of being extremely taken care of. Integrated with the feeling of being loved, you will experience more than just having sexing but also deep affection to the person you are interacting with. These dreams could leave you confused and shaken up, especially if your partner is not your spouse or partner in real life.

7] Interpretation Of Your Sexual Dreams Can Depend On Your Partner In That Dream

Interpretation Of Your Sexual Dreams

In a lot of cases, sexual dreams are not really all about sexual intercourse. In fact, there is a psychological angle in it and there are a lot of interpretations that can be taken into consideration when talking about these kinds of dreams. There are symbolism and meaning behind most of them that you should look into.

One of the factors that should be taken into consideration is who you are doing it within your dream. Some of the meanings behind sexual intercourse with different people include:

  • Ex-Partner Or First Love:Represents first love, excitement, passion, and being desired or desiring someone
  • Platonic Friend: Represents the three strongest qualities of that same platonic friend that you want to integrate in your life
  • Faceless Stranger: The mystery lover represents an aspect of your personality that you want to be included in your life
  • Someone Of The Same Sex: Means that you want the best quality of that person to be yours
  • Someone You Hate: Represents your desire to be able to connect with that person in order to get rid of the negative energy from your hatred
  • Celebrity: Either you simply admire the celebrity and it has been your long-time fantasy or you need to apply the same rule as that with your platonic friend
  • Someone From Your Workplace:The representation of this is similar to that of your platonic friend

8] Interpretation Of Your Sexual Dreams Can Depend On The Location Of Your Dream

When it comes to the location of your dreams, they can also tell what it means the same way that your partner in your dream can tell you what it means.

Just like when interpreting a sexual dream in terms of your partner, the location could also tell the aspect of your life that you want to improve or change. This includes your home life, love life, work life, and social life.

If in the dream you are in a public place, this symbolizes the aspect of your life that a lot of people may know about. For instance, if you dream about doing it in your workplace in front of many people, there is a high chance that your entire life is currently being dominated by the work aspect of your life. If it is in school then it could mean that your school life is dominating you.

If in the dream, you are at your childhood home, it signified the person you are when you were living at home. It may serve as a reminder of someone who you want to be or simply a representation that you are being childish in one way or another.

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9] Great Orgasm In Your Sexual Dream Also Means Something

Great Orgasm In Your Sexual Dream

While it may be true that you can get awesome orgasms while dreaming, there can also be a situation where you have great orgasm in your dream. And this also signifies something. For these kinds of dreams, it may mean that there is something in your life that will through a thrilling and exciting way.

If this is not it, the simpler explanation through is that you are craving for sex in real life and want to have it as soon as you can.

10] Dreaming That You Are Pregnant, While Not Be A Sexual Dream, Also Signified Something Critical In Your Life

If you are dreaming about being pregnant despite not being one, there is a high chance that you are actually pregnant! What you can do instead is to pee on a stick or visit your doctor in order to be sure of the situation.

This dream is quite incredible, especially because it can be a little mythical. However, if it is not about being pregnant in real life, it could also mean that there are some projects that you want accomplished and there are changes that you want to result into, the same way that development occurs in pregnancy.

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Sexual dreams are not something to be embarrassed about. They are something to unlock and interpret. There are even a lot of factors you can consider when interpreting your own dreams and if you want to be guided, all you need to do is to answer these following questions:

  • Who are you having sex with?
  • Where are you having sex with that person or those persons?
  • What sexual acts are you seeing or performing?
  • Were you enjoying the act?
  • Describe the sexual act, is it fast? Slow? Dull? Passionate? Exciting? Rough?
  • Are you emotionally attached to the partner you are doing it with in your sexual dream?
  • What are the parts involve in the sexual act?
  • Who ask to have sex in your dream?
  • Is the sexual act something you would consider doing to that person in real life? Why or why not?

These questions are only some of the ones you can consider answering yourself if you want to know what your sexual dream really means. If you don’t want to do it by yourself, you can also have an expert interpreter or even a psychologist to do it for you.
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