5 Ways to Achieve Multiple Orgasms for Men

Women have been observed to have multiple orgasms in close succession, but few people know that the male body is also capable of the same sustained orgasmic plateau with the same peaks of extreme pleasure.
But there’s a catch.

If you ejaculate, the doors to the Kingdom of Heaven slam shut, and you come crashing back to mundane reality, sometimes even with an “ejaculation hangover”.

If you want to spend half an hour, an hour, or even longer riding waves of orgasm after orgasm, you will have to give up the “quick and dirty” hit of ejaculation.

But Orgasm Happens When I Ejaculate! If I Stop Ejaculating, I Will Stop Having Orgasms.

We associate orgasm with ejaculation, because in the absence of any training, the intense pleasure of orgasm overloads the circuits of the male body, triggering an ejaculation to relieve the pressure.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

With training, however, you can learn to tolerate intense pleasure without needing to ejaculate.

It’s simple. But it’s not easy.

Most men have spent their entire lives reinforcing the association between orgasm and ejaculation. It is a well-practiced neural pathway.

It is going to take something to rewire the brain to take a different path when pleasure starts to peak.

Pleasure starts to Peak

Sexual Secrets of Multi-Orgasmic Men

How can we navigate the rocky road from momentary pleasure to hours and hours of multiple orgasms?

1. Hatha Yoga

It is a little-known fact that the yogis of ancient times practiced what they called brahmacharya (control of the creative/sexual energy) for spiritual reasons, and that several hatha yoga techniques are very useful for relieving “blue balls” and converting stuck sexual energy to free-flowing energy in the body.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

a.Uddiyana Bandha and Nauli Kriya – Both these techniques use abdominal suction, which stimulates the upward movement of physical fluids in the body, and the more subtle energies which influence blood flow and oxygenation. Practising these techniques for 30 minutes per day will relieve any discomfort you may feel in the early stages of training, and will shift the build-up of energy from the area governing physical release (ejaculation) to the area governing mental/emotional release (orgasm).

b.ASANAS – Inverted yoga postures are great for moving energy away from the groin. Head stand, shoulder stand, and prasarita padahastasana, the wide-legged standing forward bend (http://sivasakti.com/yoga/asana/prasaritapadatan-asana/).

2. Co-Operation with A Partner

Co-Operation with A Partner
When you are making love, it can be very difficult to hold back from the “point of no return”, that moment when the contractions start, and you know that ejaculation is inevitable.

Your partner can help you immensely, by being willing to slow down, or even to stop completely, to allow you to move out of the ‘danger’ zone. You can even step away for a few minutes and so some uddiyana bandha or an asana, to move some energy upward, our of the sexual area, and the continue making love.

Needless to say, this might seem like odd behaviour, or even hurtful or insulting behaviour, to a partner who didn’t know what you were up to, so make sure you keep your lovers in the loop when you start this training process!

3.Start Safe

In the beginning, it is wise to stay far away from the point of no return. Keep your arousal somewhere around half (enough arousal to have a good erection and pleasurable sex, but nothing even close to the danger zone).

That way, when something unexpectedly hot happens, you won’t accidentally tip over. It can be frustrating, going through this stage, so be sure to keep reminding yourself of the hours and hours of ecstasy that await you, once you have become the master of your sexual response.

Start Safe

4. Work on Your Will-Power

Mastering your physical body in this way is one of life’s great challenges. You will need a strong will, and a clear mental focus. Anything you can do to increase your will-power will directly translate into increased sexual control.

You could consider martial arts, daily challenges (get up at 6am every day, work out every day, read 15 minutes of self-improvement articles every day, etc)

5. Practice Solo

It is much easier to figure out where your “point of no return” lies, and how much arousal is safe and manageable, when you are completely in control of the sensations. Grab your coconut oil, or some lube, and start experimenting!

Masturbation is no longer a sprint to the finish line; it is an exploration of how long you can hold off, and how far you can push yourself before it gets to be too much. As a rule of thumb, if you can go full-out stimulating yourself for 20 minutes and not tip over into ejaculation, you should be able to keep it together during regular sexual intercourse.

Practice Solo

Be Patient And You Will Be Rewarded

Even with good support from hatha yoga and a lot of solo practice, it takes most men somewhere between six months and two years (working on it for a minimum of five hours per week of actual sexual practice) to master sexual continence – the art of making love for hours without ejaculating.

Cut yourself some slack, because it is not easy. And stick with it, because, I promise, you will be very glad you did!

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