Why Men need to Ejaculate – The Importance of Ejaculation

The male orgasm is a common subject but usually misunderstood at the same time. Men are sometimes led to believe that ejaculating often is a bad thing, particularly if you masturbate. But, why men need to ejaculate? The truth is that ejaculation is important to every man due to a number of reasons. The main goal of this post is to shed some light on reasons why men need to ejaculate.

Lower Prostate Cancer Risk

According to the American Cancer Society, about 161,360 new cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed among adult men in the US and 26,370 deaths will occur due to this severe disease. More precisely, 1 in 7 men has to a diagnosis of prostate cancer during his lifetime. As you can see, prostate cancer is a major problem for men in the US and worldwide, but it turns out ejaculation can help you reduce the risk.

One study discovered that men ages 20-29 who ejaculated 21 times or more per month had a 19% lower chances of developing prostate cancer compared to men who ejaculated less often. Young guys weren’t the only ones who experienced these benefits. The research also found that men ages 40-49 who ejaculated at least 21 times per month had a 22% lower risk of getting diagnosed with this cancer.

Although there is a requirement of more research to unravel this relationship between lower prostate cancer risk and ejaculation, scientists theorize it could be down to more frequent clearing of the prostate through ejaculation. This clearing reduces the chances of developing tumor-triggering infections.

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Stress Relief

Ejaculation provides a physical release. Not only is this physical release incredibly pleasurable, but it also benefits a man’s physical and emotional health. During the intercourse and ejaculation, your brain releases dopamine and oxytocin which makes you feel good. For example, a growing body of evidence shows that dopamine reduces stress.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

This is yet another reason to masturbate or have sex. Ejaculating helps you improve overall health and reduce stress, particularly after a long, hectic day at work. It is a well-known fact that unresolved stress has a negative impact on your overall health and wellbeing, including low energy levels, poor sleep, no productivity, and many others.

Better Sleep

Better Sleep The CDC reported that 1 in 3 people in the US is sleep deprived, thus making this problem a public health concern. Yet another evidence of the importance of ejaculation is that it promotes sleep and helps you get good night’s rest. You have probably experienced this yourself; you feel sleepy after reaching an orgasm. This is not just a theory, but a scientifically proven fact!

The study, published in the Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, found that ejaculation is linked to decreased activation in the brain’s prefrontal cortex. A group of researchers carried out neuroimaging scans of men’s brain before, during, and after orgasm and they discovered that the prefrontal cortex simply “turns off” after orgasm.

It is important to mention that the prefrontal cortex is in relation with alertness, consciousness, and mental activity. It could be due to a release of dopamine and serotonin, feel-good chemicals which also have a sleep-inducing effect.

Confidence Boost

As shown above, ejaculation releases oxytocin which stimulates positive thoughts and increases self-esteem. To most men, their sexual performance is fundamental for confidence.

That’s why problems with intercourse can significantly affect your ego and knock your confidence down. While sexual intercourse releases oxytocin in both men and women, it has different roles for each gender.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

For example, oxytocin makes women more familiar with their behavior while men become more competitive and strive to improve their social status. Every man wants to be an alpha dog in the group or be the confident one and achieving orgasm can help you with that.

Sexual Overload

During ejaculation, men experience euphoria which is a sense of emotional release. The release of the feel-good chemical at that time is able to regulate your emotional and mental health. This explains the stress relief. After ejaculating, men also experience other sensations which cause the sexual overload.

Sexual overload is a welcome experience that most men want to achieve. You have probably felt it yourself, the intense emotion and satisfaction after ejaculating and you constantly “work” to experience it again.

Sperm Quality

Contrary to the popular belief, frequent ejaculation isn’t harmful to your sperm. In fact, evidence shows that daily sex keeps a man’s sperm spry and it is highly recommendable for couples who are trying to conceive. Scientists found that having regular intercourse clears sperm from the testicles, thus preventing the natural buildup of DNA damage. Basically, frequent ejaculation enhances the quality of your sperm and improves fertility.

It is not uncommon for fertility doctors and the general public to assume that men should avoid sex for a few days before their wife or girlfriend ovulates. However, science shows that daily sex makes sperm more active, mobile, and increases chances of conception.

You Will Last Longer In Bed

You Will Last Longer In Bed What every man wants is to last longer in bed and have mind-blowing sex with their significant others. Most men aren’t happy with the duration of intercourse and chances are high you have probably want improvement in this department as well. Ejaculation increases your stamina, and it poses as an effective strategy to prolong sexual experience.

For example, when masturbating, you are also learning more about your body and penis, likes and dislikes, and you also learn how to control your erection to avoid ejaculating prematurely. Therefore, more frequent ejaculations help you get closer to your goal of lasting longer.

Facts About Male Orgasm

  • MI6 used ejaculate as invisible ink during WWI because it was always at “hand” and was not easily detected.
  • Male orgasm can last between 5 and 22 seconds.
  • Kellogg’s cornflakes were originally invented to stop you masturbating. Yes, seriously! Dr. Kellogg firmly believed in the benefits of celibacy, and he thought rich food increase sexual desire while plain options suppress it.
  • Overweight and obese men produce less semen, and their sperm is of lower quality, compared to their counterparts.
  • Semen is about 1% to 5% sperm while most of the volume is water. In an average 3.4ml load, you let out around 10mg of sodium, 9mg of fructose, about 2/10ths of a gram of protein, and lower amounts of calcium, potassium, chlorine, and zinc.
  • The average speed of ejaculation is 28 miles per hour, which is similar to Usain Bolt’s world-record maximum running pace of 27.79mph.
  • Orgasm begins in the brain and ejaculation is a spinal cord reflex. For some men, the orgasm hits before the first ejaculation contraction while for others the opposite is true.

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Despite the fact, we think we know everything about male orgasm and ejaculation that is not quite correct. Numerous myths are in relation with this topic, particularly those claiming that frequent ejaculation can only be a bad thing.

However, numerous studies have confirmed that ejaculation carries numerous physical and emotional benefits primarily due to the release of different chemicals in the brain. Frequent ejaculation reduces the risk of prostate cancer, improves sleep, and it also allows men to experience physical and emotional release that creates a pleasurable feeling. You might check this men’s formula AlphaViril; If you are looking for the male enhancement formula, you might take the help of it.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

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