Sexual Abstinence: What You Really Need To Know

by Cheryl Powers

Sexual Abstinence

Almost all the major religions which are practiced in the world advocate for abstinence and they are of the strong opinion that sex is an act of love between a man and his wife.

This belief has been diluted by most of the developed world which view sex as free for all and the wide assumption is that since sex is an innate force, teens are bound to practice it anyway and there is no point in teaching them otherwise.

Abstinence has now been overshadowed by these assumptions and now talks of schools giving out condoms to students are rife.

Abstinence means saying “no” to sex until you are ready. Over the years, this has been a topic of vigorous debate among parents, their children and medical professionals.

With the high incidence of teen pregnancy, condoms have become available in health clinics, schools, storefronts and everywhere else.

Parents view the increased availability, as the media and suppliers encouraging promiscuous sex, while the conventional wisdom of the health agencies sees it as “protection” for the inevitable act.

As a man or a woman, teen or adult, sexual activity carries with it, many risks. A person with multiple partners increases their risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases with each new contact, even with protection.

There is also the reality that even if you are being faithful, your partner may not be. The only foolproof method of birth control is abstinence. But, is it a choice that is still effective or practical for you?

Abstinence can be practiced in many stages of your life. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be a virgin, although many parents would be happy with that scenario until their son or daughter turns thirty-five! Abstinence can be a choice that comes after a scary time when you thought you were pregnant or you contracted an STD.

From that point on you decide to leave sex alone until you can handle the conse?uences, whatever they may be in your situation.

Birth Control

That is, after all, what birth control is about isn’t it? Staying away from making a baby until you are completely ready to deal with the issue, or better yet, married?

Sexual intercourse involves any form of penetration. That includes oral and anal sex. you might think that since you can’t get pregnant from these alternatives to vaginal intercourse that you are in the clear.

That is not true and doesn’t constitute abstinence. Contracting a sexually transmitted disease is a real possibility with both of these methods. Think about this too, certain STDs can prevent you from ever having a baby in the future as well.

For abstinence to work, it has to be understood and practiced by both people in the relationship. This avoids those sexually tense situations where it is harder to back off once things get started.

Abstinence doesn’t mean you have to be a celibate nun until you’re married, but until you are ready to handle the responsibility of pregnancy or other negative costs. When you are truly ready, you will know.

Until then, enjoy life and other parts of a relationship that so easily can become clouded by the act of intercourse.

Is Sexual abstinence Dangerous?

Sex is one of essential needs of human beings, their call of nature. Sexual instinct is one of the strongest, and we must reckon with it. By the way, the popular belief that the need for sexual relations in men is higher than in women is groundless.

It is caused by religious, cultural and historical views to the role of women, rather than knowing their physiology. For maintaining psychological and physical health both males and females need sex equally.

And the frequency of sexual contact will depend on individual needs and temper. At the same time, women suffer from lack of sexless, if they have to spend much energy on motherhood: delivering and breeding children.

How Does Lack Sex Influences Men’s Health

Lack Of Sex Influence
Sexual abstinence has a negative influence on men’s health. Long abstinence can cause such disorders as prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, reduced libido, premature ejaculation and others.

The older a man is, the more difficult it is to restore his sexual function after a long period of abstinence. Lack of sex is the cause of hormone changes in the man’s organism, which in turn often leads to body weight gain, problems with skin, psychological discomfort and various disorders.
Lack of regular sexual life has a negative impact on the men’s mentality. A man becomes apathetic and passive; he loses interest in life. Men suffering from lack of sex often get depressed.

Occasionally, lack of satisfactory sexual relations with a woman can even cause a change of sexual orientation in men.

Reasons For Sexual Abstinence and Ways Out

The most frequent reason for sexual abstinence in young men is a lack of normal permanent relations with a woman. At the same time, young men are more inclined to uncontrolled sexual behaviour, change of sexual partners and sexual experiments.
So, for a young man, it is a kind of a norm. But as a man grows older, regularity and stability in sexual life become more important than experimenting. In adult men having a permanent partner the reasons of sexual abstinence can include the following:

Low libido. If sex drive is getting worse and worse; if you don’t want sex at all, and if you often feel depressed, check testosterone level, because it can be the reason.

Lack of mutual understanding in a couple, problems in personal relations, lack of adequate sexual stimulation.

If your partner and you have a too different temper, or if you fail to understand each other again and again, think, maybe it’s time to consult a specialist.

Psychotherapy combined with a good rest and openness towards each other can help to resolve the problem.

Problems with potency. Erectile dysfunction is a widespread sexual disorder in men living in the 21st century. Partially, it is associated with the lifestyle of a modern man. Fortunately, modern medicine has effective and progressive solutions to this delicate issue.
The best-known of them is Viagra – a safe and reliable drug with minimum side effects. Viagra can be used by men of any age irrespective of their state of health and the cause of the disorder.

How you Can Tell When Sexual Abstinence is Making you Do Crazy Things

Crazy Things
Sexual Abstinence is defined as “the practice of voluntarily refraining from some or all sexual activity”.

Why in the world, would someone, given a choice, refrains from participating in sex? For sexually active people, would never normally make this choice. Of course, we may be forced to abstain.
For instance,

  • The death of a partner
  • our own illness,
  • During your wife’s pregnancy; or
  • Maybe a partner’s illness or
  • even long-term debilitating pain. Debilitating pain can make you want to abstain.


There are obvious advantages to abstaining. Abstinence offers a method of birth control that works 100% of the time. you can’t get pregnant when you abstain. Concerns about cervical cancer will be non-existent.

It is true also that you can’t get a sexually transmitted disease if you don’t engage in sex. The issue of abortions can never crop up when you refrain from sex.

Waiting For The Right Person

Some of us refrain from sex because we tell ourselves that we are waiting until the ‘right’ person comes along, and you don’t have to wait too long. Many people live without partners but desperately want someone to share their lives with.

There are people too that are perfectly happy, yet deliberately practice abstinence especially older people. Likewise, there are people in relationships participating in sex but yet remain frustrated. For instance, a situation where one person.

The Force Is strong

The flip side of all this abstinence is that we are all sexual beings, designed to pass on our genes, through procreation, with nature (not the Devil as some would say) constantly enticing us to fulfill that objective. To sexually active beings, the idea is an abhorrent one. Asking sexually active beings to abstain from some or all sexual activity is like asking us to voluntarily refrain from some or all breathing. Be warned. Nature has made the force strong within us, so strong that it clouds our judgment.

The world we live in is fast and furious. We see things on billboards and TV ads, we wouldn’t have dreamed of seeing 30 years ago.

As a parent or young adult, you are concerned unplanned pregnancy and the risk of acquiring a sexually-transmitted disease. For some, the answer lies not in conventional birth control but abstaining from sexual activity altogether.

Advantages Of Sexual Abstinence From Sex For Men

Let’s not fool ourselves, most guys in their 20s or even late teens have regular casual sex. With some benefits of abstaining from sex for a period of time (maybe 4-8 weeks) and then going back to it. The benefits are enormous.

The abstinence we’re talking about is- no form of sexual acts at all; no penetration sex and no masturbation of any sort. you have to retain that sexual energy…retain your juice. So, that means, no pornography; whether via pics, video, or even literature. Below are some advantages of abstinence for men.

Mastering Self Control

Mastering Self Control
Practicing temporal abstinence from sex will help you build self-control. Once you can train your mind to say NO to sex when your body is craving it badly, you will start to build up a strong self-control when it comes to matters concerning sex.

And the best way to do that is to set a time frame in which you would not have sex even if the opportunity presents itself. It is very hard to practice total celibacy, but temporal abstinence of 1-3 months is very achievable.

Deeper Relationship

When you remove sex from the equation of any relationship for a period of time, the man and the woman start looking for other means of pleasing themselves other than getting sexual.

This ultimately leads to deeper understanding of themselves, and a relationship with more depth that has more chances of lasting longer.

Sexual Energy Transmutation

Sexual energy is one of the strongest emotions in man. That urge for sex can make you do anything.

We, humans, are more sophisticated animals, but we are animals nonetheless. If a man can abstain from sex for a period of time, and transmute that sexual energy elsewhere, he would achieve a lot in a short period.

There is no magic to sexual energy transmutation. All you have to do is abstain from any acts of sex for a particular period of time and then focus on a particular area of your life you want to improve in. you’re built up sexual energy would naturally be transmuted to whatever form of energy you need to achieve whatever it is you need to achieve in your life.

Reduced Health Risks

It ain’t rocket science. The less casual sex you have, the lower your risks of contracting sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, Gonorrhea, Syphilis and the likes.

Increased Productivity

When you abstain from sex for a period of time, you will notice that you have more free time. This is because, before then, you probably would be on social-media most part of the day, chatting up one girl or the other, prepping her up for when she would come over to the slaughterhouse.

lol! But when you know you won’t be having sex for let’s say 6 weeks, you don’t do all that, and this would automatically increase your productivity at work, school, or in your business as the case may be.

Sexual Abstinence – Reasons Why it Works and How it Can Work For You!

Self Emotions

  • Sex could become the central focus of the relationship, like an addiction. At that point focus is not on building the relationship, it becomes primarily satisfying sexual desires. When that dies down, what do you have?
  • If you’re hurt too many times, you might miss out on something great because of being afraid of being hurt again.
  • you don’t want sex to lose meaning and value so that you feel “sexually bankrupt.”
  • Sexual relationships are harder to break up even when you know you should.
  • Having sex too soon can sabotage a budding romance before it gets off the ground because the man will think you are easy and won’t stick around to get to know the “real” you.
  • Building a relationship in other ways is far more important.
  • You don’t want to feel used.
  • Having too many sexual partners can cause you to lose respect for yourself.
  • you lose the chance to experience the “first time” with someone who really cares for you.
  • Sex is better in a secure, loving committed relationship/marriage.

Effect of Sexual Abstinence in Man

Sexual abstinence has physical effects. Normally sexually-active men may have nocturnal emissions again. The nature of dreams may become more sexual in response to drive changes and lack of opportunity for expression.

People can become more irritable, angry or stressed. Eventually, if abstinence persists, the physical effects diminish, hormone levels adapt and desire fades.

The less sex you have, the less you tend to want it. When you go without sex for a while, levels of the critical hormone testosterone drop, in both men and women. Lower testosterone means a lower sex drive.

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Finally, when two people wait until they are ready, it makes for a happier and healthier relationship. There is more trust, less emotional baggage, and more respect.

And studies have shown that when people practice abstinence they are happier as adults, more successful in life and more financially successful as well.

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