How to Build Strength? – Improving Sexual Performance

A healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise can go a long way in improving your sex life. During sex, men use a ton of muscles that they normally don’t even think about, so anyone not getting adequate strength training outside of the bedroom may become fatigued during lovemaking. This only leads to an unsatisfying sex life for both you and your partner. If you’re wondering how to build strength and stamina in the bedroom, look into sex-specific strength training and maintain a healthy lifestyle with consistent exercise and proper nutrition.

How to Build Strength

Focus on these key areas when developing a regimen on how to build strength for the bedroom: upper body, core, aerobics, and flexibility. Upper body strength is vital for supporting body weight for prolonged periods of time. Work the shoulders, chest, back, and triceps so you can be sure that your weight and your partners will be supported no matter the sexual positions you choose. The core is also important and includes your lower back and abdominal muscles. Some men tire easily with the excessive pelvic thrusting during sex, but this can be remedied by keeping those core muscles in shape. It will also help you avoid sprains and strains that may come from lovemaking.

You may not think of aerobics when it comes to how to build strength for sex, but aerobics can help you control your breathing, maintain rhythm, and improve stamina. Regular cardio workouts will increase your endurance and resistance-training will keep those muscles warmed up enough to prevent injuries. Flexibility is one of those things you know you need for sex, but not many men go out of their way to work on. Stretch your muscles before and after workouts and lengthen them regularly to increase flexibility. Flexible muscles mean that you can try more interesting positions, making sex more fun and enjoyable for your both.

Although you may be searching how to build strength, exercise has the bonus of reducing stress, which may help increase stamina and performance in the bedroom. De-stressing with exercise can help alleviate sexual dysfunctions like premature ejaculation. Try adding yoga to your workout routine to combat stress and fatigue, and get enough sleep every night to keep that libido high. Sex itself burns calories and uses all the right muscles, so get enough of it to increase your strength, stamina, and flexibility over time. This can become a fun routine for both partners.