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How to Have Sex with Erectile Dysfunction? – Find Ways to Perform

AuthorBy - Updated July 8, 2021
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to Have Sex with Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction – a challenging and difficult condition that more and more men get diagnosed with after the age of 40.

What do you know about the topic of Erectile Dysfunction?

Do you know that it can be both caused and lead to additional mental problems such as depression and anxiety? And most commonly, the problem that Erectile Dysfunction creates is problems with your partner.

It can be really hard to stay intimate with your partner while dealing with Erectile Dysfunction. But it can be hard only if you do not make any further attempt on informing and asking for help.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

By reading our article so far, luckily you have made this attempt and we hope that we will not disappoint you on informing you and your partner on the ways to have sex while one of you is dealing with a difficult problem such as Erectile Dysfunction!

But first, let’s see what do you know about Erectile Dysfunction!

What do You Know about Erectile Dysfunction?

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Erectile dysfunction or also known as impotence is defined as the inability to achieve and/or maintain an erection, most commonly during sexual intercourse.

There is no one reason that has been related to the occurrence of Erectile Dysfunction. Instead, there are a number of reasons describing that it as common causes of Erectile Dysfunction with depression and anxiety, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, and arteriosclerosis being the most common ones.

Luckily there are many successful treatment plans that can help you overcome this difficult problem and go back to your everyday life.

Is there a Chance to have Sex if Your Partner has been Diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction?

There is no point in delaying, so we will just go right ahead and answer your question – YES, of course, that there is a chance for you and your partner to be intimate while one of you is also dealing with Erectile Dysfunction at the moment.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

However, you should know that both of you will need to be more patient, confident and devoted to the task of being intimate because now this will be an experience that will require more time, patience and motivation.

How can You Improve Your Sex Life while Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction?

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For starters – talk.

For many couples, it is difficult to talk about their likes and dislikes regarding the sexual intercourse, even after many years spent together.

But when one of you is dealing with Erectile Dysfunction, it is not important just to talk about your likes and dislikes; it is important to talk in order to support each other and help yourselves have a great sexual experience.

And not just that! Talking and giving support can help overcome a problem such as Erectile Dysfunction more quickly. And under any circumstances do not go into criticizing!

The last thing that you would want to do is contribute to the problem and the cause of Erectile Dysfunction and make it worse. Thinking of Erectile Dysfunction as a problem that more commonly it is the older men that deal with, your partner is probably dealing with menopause at the same time.

And if so, since you both go through some tough life changes, it is essential to talk and get comfortable. One other very important thing is to make time to have sex. You should not rush each other; you should devote to one another and take the time to make yourself comfortable and most importantly – be patient!

Choose the time and place that will provide you a chance for getting comfortable and enjoy yourselves. And how do you feel about Kegel exercises? Kegel exercises are not just for women, men can benefit from them as well, especially if the ones that are dealing with Erectile Dysfunction!

A study published in the British Journal of General Practice confirmed that performing Kegel exercises in combination with biofeedback can efficiently help you resolve your problem with Erectile Dysfunction. When it comes to which sex poses to choose, there is no right answer yet.

There are no studies yet that would confirm which pose will be the best to help you achieve and maintain an erection if you are dealing with Erectile Dysfunction. But, a change can make you good. Move away from your traditional likes and try something new that would create some surprise and satisfaction for a change!

Oral sex is just as important, and you should not forget about its role during. Use your imagination and provide your partner a satisfactory feeling without the need to penetrate! And do not forget about the importance of exercising and eating right while you are dealing with Erectile Dysfunction.

Regular exercise has been proven to remove this problem quickly since it does improve your blood flow, increase your testosterone levels, improve your cardiovascular health and help you get rid of depression, anxiety, and stress which are among the most common causes of Erectile Dysfunction.

Also, you can try some of the many herbal remedies that are in use for many years before; as a natural treatment before any of today’s medications!

As you can see, Erectile Dysfunction cannot stop you from being intimate with your partner as you wish for. We hope that you will use some of our advice and try it in the bedroom.


Going through Erectile dysfunction cannot be a simple task. And staying intimate with your partner at the same time can create additional stress. Or at least that is what you thought before going through our article, right?

There are a number of things that you and your partner can do in order to improve your sex life. Doing these things will help you overcome Erectile Dysfunction more quickly!

Talking about it and taking more time and patience to get what you want; is the price that you need to pay in order to enjoy yourselves. So the question is – are you both ready to do this or not? And we sure hope that your answer is yes!

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