Can Jelqing Exercise Help you Get the Thicker Penis Safely?

One of the first things that are noticed of the male penis is that it is mainly made of muscles and blood vessels. The term thicker penis is used to describe a more muscular phallus as compared to a more rigid member during intercourse.

Historically the manliness of an individual did often hinge on the very appearance of the male penis and every effort has been taken to try and influence the shape and size of this small muscle group.

It must be said that some communities or cultures lay a stronger emphasis on the appearance of the penis and to some groups; it really does not matter as long as it manages to beget children.

If indeed the rest of a man’s body can be changed in appearance by using exercises effectively, then why not the size of the male phallus as well? It is this strong premise that let groups of people try out techniques to increase the thickness and indeed the length of the male sex organ.

Understanding The Basic Structure Of The Male Phallus

The Basic Structure Of The Male Phallus

It would be very evident that the male penis is not just a single muscle alone, but it is broadly formed by three cylindrical muscle groups.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

There are blood vessels that supply blood to the phallus and it is when the blood is pumped hard that a person gets an erection. The strong point of a well built and the muscular male penis is that it does make it more presentable and often is able to satisfy the partner during intercourse.

Thus it would be hardly surprising that people have been paying strong attention to ways to increase the thickness and the length of the phallus. Most of the major ancient civilizations did have their own methods to try and improve upon the appearance of the male member.

Over the passage of time, most of these techniques and crafts disappeared. But some prominent methods did carry through and this is how the use of jelqing exercises came into being. This is thus, for the most part, an active hand down of techniques prevailing since time immemorial.

People who would want to have a thicker penis would be best advised to take to the jelqing routines so as to improve upon the size and shape of the phallus. For some men, this can be no laughing matter; for at times the penis might be so small that it would be difficult to find the satisfaction and indeed provide the satisfaction during intercourse.

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The Basic Foundation of the Jelqing Exercises

Basic Foundation of the Jelqing Exercises

Right throughout the animal kingdom, it is seen that the muscle groups to grow with constant exercise and if a particular body part is left unused for some time, then it would be wasted too. It is this very basic concept to increase the muscle size to better the size of the penis that is being practiced with the typical jelqing routines.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

One of the most telling parts to the use of jelqing routines is the need to stick to the exercise form for some time. Most of the reported results are had after the due passage of time and it would be wrong to expect instant results most of the time.
Thus those desirous of having a thicker penis should be willing to stick to the exercise routine for some time and not get dejected with the lack of progress at the very start of the exercise.

But it must be said of the jelqing routines that the results might be slow in the appearance but they are often permanent. While other muscles might lose the firm feeling or even lose the thickness on disuse, the phallus retains the shape and size for some time even after the exercise is stopped.

The Simple Jelqing Routine

Simple Jelqing Routine

A lot of people look upon jelqing as masturbation. This is not correct, as the focus of the jelqing exercise is to work out the muscles of the male penis; the act of masturbation is aimed at the sensual pleasure. It is very common for people to start with the jelqing and then lose focus and with it the very aim of the whole exercise routine.

Constant Motion: The key to a good jelqing exercise is to maintain a uniform constant motion of the arm. Care must be taken to avoid sudden jerks to the phallus and a firm grip does ensure that the thrusts of the arms are transmitted to the member.

It is possible to come across a number of variants to the simple repetitive motion but it should be said here that the form is more of a personal practice and not something that is ironclad in the performance.

Massage Oils: Most masseuses do use oil while working for muscle groups. There are a number of popular massage oils around and each does insist on providing the user with a set of benefits. One of the most telling benefits to the use of massage oil is the gentle warmth that the oil provides the area where it is applied during a massage.

This increases the blood flow to the body part and does help in the better health conditions. There are specific oils that can be used while jelqing and it is important to note that the area under consideration tends to be rather tender to touch and this factor must be kept at the top of the mind, if indeed the person wants to use the oil massage.

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The Important Factor of Being Persistent with the Jelqing

With the muscle groups of the male penis, the fact is that they respond to any form of exercise rather slowly. Thus not only must people using the jelqing routines remain patient but they must also persist with the exercises to produce results of any kind. The strong point is that any growth is long lasting and would not waste away immediately on the cessation of the exercise routines.

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*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

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