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How To Determine Baby’s Gender Via Sexual Positions?

AuthorBy - Updated October 7, 2021
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Sex Postion Determine The Baby

The mystery of what couples can do to determine the sex of the baby that they wish to have has existed for many years. There are some cultures where a baby of a specific gender is preferred over the other for cultural or social reasons.

If you look at most sub-Saharan African cultures, for instance, many parents usually prefer to have baby boys more than girls. Women who are not able to deliver baby boys have sometimes suffered rejection or divorce from their husbands in some sub-Saharan African communities.

In China, also due to the infamous one-child policy most parents preferred to have baby boys only. This unfortunate development made the country have a very disproportionate ratio between men and women.

There have been stories, myths, and beliefs that have often been peddled around for many years about the possibility of couples having the power to decide the gender of their baby. Amongst these beliefs is that a couple’s sex style can help determine the gender of the baby. While most couples would find it in their interest to use sex positions to determine the genders of their babies, currently there is no science that proves that specific sex styles will help determine the gender of a baby.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

However, there is an alternative that couples can opt for that is based on some physiological logic to try and influence the gender of the baby. The alternative involves certain specific sexual positions that can help influence the sex of the baby.

The Science behind the X and Y Chromosome

The male sex gamete usually has both the X and the Y chromosome while the female sex gamete only has got the X chromosome.

When the sperm that has the X chromosome is released by a man and then it fused with the egg of a woman, the sex of the baby will be female. If the sperm that has the Y chromosome is released by a man and fuses with the egg of the woman then the sex of the baby will be male.

Studies suggest that the male sperms that have the Y chromosome have a high motility rate compared to those that have the X chromosomes that are slow. They also have a shorter lifespan of about 24 hours compared those with the X chromosomes that can last up to 72 hours in the body of a woman.

With these facts in mind, if you want to have a baby boy, it will be up to you to ensure that the sperm with the Y chromosome fertilizes the woman’s waiting egg.

Scientists argue that whichever sperm cell that fertilizes the egg is usually a random event meaning that you cannot influence it. Given the differences in the kinds of sperm that determine the sex the baby, you could exploit the opportunity that each of the characteristics of the sperms offer. You can indeed use certain sexual positions to take advantage of either of the sperm’s strong and weak points to try to influence the sex of the baby:


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

How to Choose Sex Positions to Conceive a Boy?

If your wish is to make a baby boy, you should try to make it as easy as possible for the sperm that contains the Y chromosome to reach the egg first. The sperm with the Y chromosome with its great speed should, therefore, be deposited near the egg to ensure that it fertilizes it.

The best sex position that can help deposit the sperm near the egg is the old missionary sex position which ensures deeper penetration of the woman by the man. The woman should spread her legs as much as possible so that when the man ejaculates the sperms will be deposited very close to the egg.

With good timing also you will be able to at least influence the sex of the baby because sex has done when ovulation is about to occur have high chances of resulting into a baby boy.

How to Choose Sex Positions to Conceive a Girl?

With the knowledge you already have about the kinds of sperm responsible for bringing about baby girls, you would ensure that the sperm that contains the X chromosome reaches the egg in this case.

You can do this by depositing your sperms farther away from the eggs of the woman for the Y chromosome sperms to die before reaching the eggs first. This is possible because X chromosome sperms are slow but live longer than Y chromosome sperms. In this case use a sex position where there is shallow penetration such as the doggie style.


There is no guarantee however that sex positions will help you to have either a boy child or a girl child all of the above explanations are just based on logic and reasoning.

Sometimes it is better to pray to God to help you have the baby of your choice but you should know that all children have the right to live.

If you end up with a baby girl or a baby boy, be thankful to God and pray that your baby remains healthy to survive the first five difficult years of a child’s life!

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