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Male Sex Robots Might Be Replacing Men Sooner Than You Think – STUDY

The male sex robot market is rapidly growing. Here's how it could impact relationships in the future.
AuthorBy - Updated June 16, 2022
Male Sex Robots Might Be Replacing Men Sooner Than You Think – STUDY
Experts are developing a male sex robot to keep up with increasing demand. Image via Shutterstock
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Since the beginning of time, sex has played an important part in human life. Sex is the primary way to conceive and reproductive, spawning new life into this world.

S ex isn’t only good for reproducing but is also a way for both men and women to experience sexual satisfaction, which has become quite important for many people in the modern world.

Unfortunately, sex isn’t always as pleasurable as women would want it to be since an erection problem in men can develop at any time, due to numerous potential causes, and lead to an erection that is not hard enough to penetrate the women properly. Sometimes men are able to get hard, but they quickly lose their erection after penetration – this only provides the woman with a few seconds of pleasure, which is surely not enough to make her orgasm.

If you have been keeping up with the latest news on sex toys and the world of sexual health, then you might have read about the new sex dolls that are being created. These robots are taking the world by storm and have sparked quite a lot of discussion.

While they haven’t been officially released yet, many women from all parts of the world are getting quite excited about the announcement that was made about robots that could perhaps offer them better sex than their current partners could, and even have a conversation with them.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

While many are getting excited about these new male sex robots, it is important to note that they will not be able to offer reproductive features; thus if a couple is looking to conceive and are experiencing problems, they may be better off looking for ways to increase fertility in men and to enhance erectile function.

In this post, we are going to discuss the potential benefits and drawbacks that these new sex robots are bringing to the world.

The Benefits of Male Sex Robots

Real Doll, a reputable company that has manufactured quite a large number of sex dolls in the past, has recently introduced its new line of male sex robots. While not being released to the public yet, they have sparked a conversation around the topic and quite a lot of interest amongst women – both those who are single and those who are currently with a partner.

The benefits of these sex dolls are often the first subjects on the mind of women once they learn about them, so we are also going to first take a look at some of the benefits that these sex dolls may offer women.

The most obvious benefit is sexual stimulation and satisfaction, something a woman may want on a regular basis and, when her man is unable to provide her with this satisfaction, the male sex robot may be an alternative choice. Since there are numerous benefits of sex, a woman may also be able to experience some of these advantages that sex has to offer even if her partner isn’t human.

WebMD explains that sex maintains a healthy immune system, it causes a boost in your libido, it causes your blood pressure to become reduced and it also counts as a form of exercise. Furthermore, pain has also been shown in many scientific studies, to reduce the severity of pain, with headaches being a particular type of pain that sex can effectively reduce. Stress may also be able to reduce stress levels, as well as act as a natural treatment option for depression and anxiety.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

In addition to the above mentioned benefits, we also need to consider the female orgasm. ABC News reports that as much as 75% of women are unable to orgasm through sexual intercourse without additional stimulation. This is often due to premature ejaculation experienced by the man, a man’s erection going away or the man suffering from poor stamina; thus the man is unable to continue pleasuring the woman until she reaches orgasm.

When it comes to a male sex robot, however, sexual intercourse can continue until the woman reaches orgasm since the robot is battery operated and will never reach orgasm; thus the robot can continue providing pleasure to the woman for as long as she desires.

Potential Drawbacks of Having A Male Sex Robot

We should not only consider the benefits of such a sex robot for women, as there are quite a few considerable drawbacks that may proof these new sex dolls to be a problem rather than a solution.

Firstly, even though they are being designed to offer the ability to have a conversation with the user, they will never be able to truly deliver a conversation that is as deep and connected as a real person would be able to offer the woman.

Furthermore, the most significant benefits of sex are usually experienced by two people due to an intimate connection being shared by them.

In addition to these drawbacks, the most significant disadvantage that should be considered is the fact that people might try to replace men with these male sex robots.

While these male sex robots might be able to deliver a great deal of satisfaction to a woman, they are not able to provide a reproductive function like a real man could; thus reproducing and becoming pregnant would not be possible with the use of a male sex robot.


With millions of men suffering from weak erections, erections that only last for a short period of time and a low sex drive, women are now getting ready to add male sex dolls to their lives.

While it may seem beneficial at first sight, it is important to note that, while these sex dolls might offer advantages over an actual boyfriend, they would never be able to possess an actual soul and provide a similar connection as a human partner.

At times these sex dolls might be useful but searching for ways to enhance your sex drive, as well as your partner’s, maybe the better option in the end.

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