3 Ways to Improve Penis Blood Flow

Gina Ricci 

Men who find themselves with problems related to proper blood flow are often concerned how this can affect their sexual health. Poor blood circulation in the body also means difficulty generating powerful erections for a satisfying sexual encounter.

Generating an erection takes blood, blood vessels and other parts of the penis to work in harmony with each other along with the rest of the body. In order to do this, blood flow must be working optimally. Here are 3 ways to improve penis blood flow and subsequently improve your sex life.

Good Nutrition

3 Ways to Improve Penis Blood Flow

Just as the body needs good nutrition in order to function properly, you can also improve penis blood flow by supplying the body with the right food and nutrients. Since sex is a physical activity that requires the use of energy, you will need ample amounts of carbohydrates. Indulge in carbohydrates such as brown rice, pasta and wheat bread to keep you energized during the activity.

Another important nutrient that will help you produce better erection is zinc. Zinc is found to help raise your testosterone levels, thus enhancing your sex drive and libido. Some sources of zinc are beans, meat and seafood.

In addition to eating the right food, you also need to avoid bad foods and bad eating habits. Fatty food before sex can make you weak and it can also decrease libido. Also, if you have a planned sexual activity, avoid eating a heavy full-course meal an hour before. Give your body time to digest your food so you can utilize your energy later on in the bedroom.

Improve Your Lifestyle

Improving your lifestyle can also help you improve penis blood flow. Some of the lifestyle changes you can do are:

  • Being more active
  • Avoiding smoking
  • Avoiding excessive alcohol intake

If you are more active, chances you are fitter, feel lighter and have more self-confidence.
Obesity is also linked to erectile dysfunction, so you might want to avoid that. Smoking and drinking also affects proper blood flow to the penis. Cigarettes contain chemicals that can block the nerves, thus inhibiting blood flow. Alcohol is also found to restrict proper blood flow.

Vitamins for Penile Blood Flow

If you are deficient in some vitamins and certain nutrients, you will find that blood flow to the penis is also difficult. In order to improve penis blood flow, you need a supply of vitamins E, C, and B complex.

Vitamin E is an important vitamin to improve circulation and help increases the production of testosterone. Vitamin C does not only give the immune system a boost, it also helps the linings of the penile arteries to function properly. Vitamin B Complex or Thiamine is essential in improving blood circulation and the production of testosterone thus it helps prevent erectile dysfunction.


By supporting your body with right nutrition and making lifestyle changes, you are not only improving your health as a whole, but you are also targeting specific issues such as improving penis blood flow. By doing this, you can take your sexual performance to the next level.

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  1. manuel

    the best article have ever seen useful for ED.

  2. Bradley

    I must say that your article really helped me to improve my blood circulation. With proper nutrition and increased blood flow, I can really last for long now. Initially, I thought that this won’t work but after implementing it for a month, I experienced tremendous changes. Thanks for the post.

  3. Andrew

    Hey, I would really appreciate your post and your work. This was really informative and while going through the post I discovered some great facts that how good nutritious diet, healthy life style can improve the blood circulation in the whole body and which in turn can improve your erection and penis health.