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What To Do? When I Lose My Erection During Sex!

AuthorBy - Updated April 27, 2022
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Why Do I Lose My Erection During Sex?
Men love sex. This is a fact that is widely known. Men’s Journal reports that, on average, men have at least six sexual partners in their lifetime, with approximately one in every five men having a total of 15 or more sexual partners in their lifetime.

They also report that at least 60% of men masturbate frequently and 85.1% of men have an orgasm every time they have sexual intercourse with a partner. Unfortunately, not all men are alike and, even though most men do enjoy having sex, some men experience some problems when they participate in sexual intercourse.

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Why Do I Lose My Erection?

While ejaculatory problems are often thought of as the most commonly experienced issues, with premature ejaculation probably being the most troublesome, it seems like a large number of men experience symptoms of erectile dysfunction during sexual intercourse. In this post, we’d like to discuss what erectile dysfunction is, what can cause to lose my erection during sex. And how you can fight against these symptoms to help you sustain your rigid erection for a longer time.

Erectile Dysfunction and Erection Sustainability

Erectile dysfunction is a medical term that refers to symptoms that a man experiences with his ability to gain and sustain a rigid erection. Without a hard erection, a man is not able to participate in sexual intercourse to an extent where he and his partner is equally content.

In some cases, however, a man is able to obtain an erection that is firm. But his erection goes away while he is having sex. This can also be problematic as it will cause the man to feel embarrassed about the fact that he went from erect to flaccid while he was having sex. And it can also cause problems it the relationship between the man and the partner he was having sex with when this happened. These are all symptoms that have been associated with the sexual disorder known as erectile dysfunction.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Erectile dysfunction affects quite a large number of men throughout the entire world. In the United States alone, Cleveland Clinic reports that around 52% of men have some form of erectile dysfunction. This includes any symptoms, ranging from mild to severe.

They also report that the prevalence of this sexual disorder tends to get more significant as age increases. By 40 years of age, about 40% of men experience some symptoms related to erectile dysfunction. By 70 years of age, at least 70% of men have erectile dysfunction to some degree. You can take help from 5G Male Review which can help to solve the sexual issues.

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What Causes These Symptoms?

When a man first experiences an erection that goes away while he is having sexual intercourse with a partner. He may immediately start to think that he has some kind of medical condition that is going to be causing permanent issues with his erectile function.

While this might be the case with an older man, younger men’s symptoms are by temporary factors. It can be makeup with some effort from their side. This is why it is important to know about the potential causes of erectile dysfunction. And to thoroughly assess the unique situation of every man that has experienced these symptoms individually to determine the most likely issue that may be causing to lose my erection mid-way through sex.

The Blood Circulatory System:

It has a direct connection to a man’s ability to achieve a rigid erection. When blood flow is not sufficient, the man may not be able to achieve a full erection. And he may also not be able to maintain his erection for a time period that is sufficient to have sexual intercourse. Thus, poor blood flow is a common cause for these symptoms to develop.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

But, at the same time, this cause is more common in older men as Atherosclerosis. High blood pressure and other medical conditions that impair the heart are much more common in individuals who are closer to their senior years.

Lifestyle Choices:

Certain lifestyle choices can also have an impact on a man’s ability to maintain an erection during sex. Mayo Clinic reports that using tobacco products and drinking too much alcohol can have a significant effect on a man’s erectile function.

The use of illegal drugs may also impact a man’s ability to have an erection and to sustain that erection long enough for him to fully complete a session of sexual intercourse.

In younger men, a very common cause of erectile dysfunction symptoms. Especially for those who can obtain an erection. But is unable to maintain the erection during sex, is a condition called “sexual performance anxiety”. Sexual performance anxiety is a mental condition that causes the man to become preoccupied while he is having sex.

The man starts to question his abilities in the bedroom and starts to worry about whether or not he is truly pleasuring his partner. WebMD explains that, when these thoughts pop up in the man’s head, there is a good chance that his erection would go away.

Treatments and Remedies

Experiencing the symptoms we have discussed here does not mean a man will never be able to have sexual intercourse to the point where he reaches orgasm again. There are many ways to combat the inability to maintain an erection. But the particular options that will be available to a man really depend on his condition.

In other words, what is causing the symptoms he is experiencing. Viagra is a popular option that doctors often recommend to patients who have problems in the bedroom. But this pill comes with some potential side-effects that are unpleasant.

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Ask Men explains that, should a person be experiencing these symptoms due to sexual performance anxiety. The very first step to treating the issue is to determine why this is happening. Since every person is different and every relationship is different.

There will be different contributing factors that affect every individual person. One man may have a low self-esteem and problems with his body image, while another man does not think he is truly satisfying his partner. Once these particular details have been identified, the man can start to work on a plan to overcome them. Communicating with their partner is often an excellent choice to make.


Sex is natural and a great way to relieve stress. But things aren’t always as simple during sex as a man would like it to be. Sexual disorders are common issues that men suffer from, with erectile dysfunction symptoms being some of the most common problems that men experience.

Losing an erection during sex can not only be disappointing but also very embarrassing. Fortunately, there are ways to increase the time you are able to sustain an erection. And not all of these methods are related to medicated treatment options. You may also give a try to Tentex Royal which is specially designed to improve the male erection.

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