nocturnal emissions affect sexual health

Men experience few new things during teenage period. Of which most are in connection to men getting to know their body better. Most men actually learn about sexual health exactly during that time, which is in parallel with hormonal changes that they are undergoing.

So an average boy of 12-13 years known starts to feel sexual desire and gets more interested in sex overall.

This is mostly due to the production of testosterone that a teenager experiences, and it can go with few other stuff. Often because of this, a young man[1] can experience sudden erections both during sleep and during the day as well as nocturnal emission.

Now nocturnal emission is more known among the people as wet dreams, and those actually happen as a normal part of development during teenage years.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

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It basically presents an ejaculation during sleep without stimulation, due to some subconscious factors, often related to the dream itself.

Though this occurrence, of course, if not happening every single day, is normal in teenage years and even in young adult ones as well, once it continues even after the 20s that is a sign that something might be wrong.

This problem is not rare at all, and many men throughout the world are experiencing that, still not asking for help as they are ashamed. So the question that stands is why can that happen even after certain aa ge and what to do about it?

What is Nocturnal Emission?

Nocturnal Emission
So nocturnal emission or nightfall is an act of ejaculation or releasing semen during sleep[2]. What makes it different than it usually happens without any physical stimulation, meaning that you do not need to masturbate to actually ejaculate, as this is in connection directly with impulses in your brain.

Releasing this we would need to say what actually causes a wet dream and this is not an easy answer. Now, most people actually connect it with the dream itself, saying that people dreaming erotic dreams will mostly experience a wet dream.

This does not have to be true, though lucid dreaming is connected for sure, people that have not dreamed of anything that could sexually stimulate them still reported having a nocturnal emission. Having this in mind scientists say that it might be also related to some kind of emotional stress, anxiety or insecurity that might reflect in a wet dream.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Along with that, they say that it can also be a part of normal body process, where your prostate is getting checked, and as a result you ejaculate. Also, there was a statement that it is a way of your body releasing excess semen[3], but that was actually a myth.

As we said if this actually continues to occur often even after teenage years. Then you might be facing a problem. Nocturnal emission can actually greatly affect your daily life and sexual health[4].

Effect of Nocturnal Emission

  • It can lead you to constantly feel fatigued and tired as it is actually draining your energy; Along with this, more than few men said that they had back pain or pelvic cramps as a side effect of a wet dream
  • Also, it has been reported that men with often nocturnal emission tend to lose hair more easily. So scientist think that it might have a connection as well
  • As for sexual health firstly it can lead to an actual testicular pain. Which sometimes might turn into a bigger problem.

Along with that, there is a high risk of fertility as sperm count decreases, and can also lead to impotency. Even if a man manages to get an erection those ones are mostly weak and short-lasting.

In the end, often wet dreams could really affect the confidence of a man, so it is crucial to get that checked and take action before it turns into a more serious problem.

How to Cope with and Prevent Nocturnal Emission?

Prevent Nocturnal Emission
So if you are having problems with wet dreams or would simply like to prevent[5] the same as you had a past experience with those you could do few things:

  • First of all, relax on daily basis. Look to reduce stress and even practice yoga or aerobics. As those could help you in being calmer throughout the day. This is important as stress has been proved to be a trigger.
  • Cut down on watching erotic content before sleep as those could stimulate you. It can also result in a nocturnal emission. Also, do not think about that before you go to sleep.
  • Try to exercise every day and keep a balanced diet. Also, do not drink coffee or any type of diuretic before sleep as those could trigger a wet dream.
  • Change your sleep routine by going earlier to bed and waking up earlier as well. This way you can actually be awake at the time when most guys experience nightfall.

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Both teenage and later young adult period could be a really enjoyable one. Only, if you take care of yourself and try to prevent any issues that might occur.

Having this in mind, this is the age when a man gets knowledge on sexual health. And starts feeling sexual desire, which is absolutely normal and healthy.

But as a consequence, there can also occur a thing known as wet dreams that could last even after those teenage years.

It is important to raise awareness on this and educate. As well as cope and prevent as it can have a serious effect both on one’s sexual and mental health!


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

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