Do Overweight Men Have Smaller Manhood?

People are already aware of the severe consequences that obesity has in store for them. Yet only a few people ever set out to do something about their weight. Reaching a healthier body weight that does not classify you as obese can have a significant impact on your life – in a positive way.

When you consider the potential positive effects that losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle can offer you, then you often feel motivated – but, unfortunately, when people realize just how difficult it truly is to lose weight, they often quit before they were able to achieve any considerable results.

In this post, we want to focus on a particular negative attribute of obesity, tell you how losing weight can be beneficial in this aspect and we would also like to offer you some helpful tips on how you can lose weight in order to experience this particular benefit of a healthier body weight.

The topic we would like to discuss particularly relates to overweight men and their small penis. Yes, if you are overweight or obese, then you have surely noticed your penis is growing “smaller”. Let’s discuss the connection between smaller penis and obesity. And look at what you can do to avoid this disappointing feature of excess body fat.

How Obesity Affects Your Body?

Since we want to motivate our readers to set out on a journey to lose weight in this post, we want to focus on all of the negative traits that obesity has for you. Thus, before we consider how obesity affects the size of a man’s penis, we would also like to discuss the other consequences that obesity has for the general wellbeing of a man’s health.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Remember that excess weight does not only cause extra fat deposits in the genital region but also throughout the entire body. This can affect numerous parts of the body that is in need of the normal function of organs and several systems that keeps the body working like it must be.

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Stanford Health Care explains that the most significant health impacts that obesity imposes on an affected individual include a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease. In addition to cardiovascular disease, many people also find that they tend to suffer from high blood pressure levels when they are overweight or obese.

Individuals with too much excess body fat are also more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who are at a healthy weight. In turn, type 2 diabetes can have numerous adverse effects on the wellbeing of the affected person. Advanced Urological Care explains that one significant impact of type 2 diabetes in men include symptoms of erectile dysfunction, which is caused by damage to nerves inside the penis and by a condition that is called atherosclerosis, which are two consequences of type 2 diabetes.

Many other health implications have also been in relation with obesity. Gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, gout, respiratory problems, including asthma and sleep apnea, and even particular types of cancer can be a consequence of having too much excess body fat.

Obesity Affects health info

Men, Obesity And Smaller Penis Size

Now that we’ve discussed some of the most significant adverse health effects that obesity has on a person’s wellbeing, let’s focus solely on men and obesity – with the size of their penis at the center of our attention. While obesity has numerous health impacts on a man’s physiological wellbeing. It is also a common fact that their psychological health can also suffer when they are obese.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

The most obvious psychological impact is the fact that the affected man may not feel confident due to a large tummy and “man breasts”. This is especially true when the man is in the presence of other men with better-sculpted bodies. Now, this isn’t the only way in which obesity can affect a man’s physical appearance and, of course, his psychological health. This is exactly where the connection between obesity and a man’s penis size comes into play.

Society has created a false belief that the average penis size is quite large, with a significant number of men bragging about how large they are “down there” in social situations. The truth, however, is that the average size of an erect penis measures in at around four and 6.3 inches. This average measurement accounts for up to 90% of the global male population. Thus, the average size is not as large as you might have thought originally.

Overweight Men With Smaller Penis Size

Now, when a man is overweight or obese, excess fat deposits accumulate in his genital region. When this happens, the visibility of the penis can greatly reduce. In fact, Man Versus Fat reports that each 30 to 50 pounds of weight that are considered “excess” causes the visibility of a man’s penis to reduce by as much as an inch. The more excess weight a man accumulates, the more his penis gets bury into excess fat deposits in his genital region.

When a man becomes extremely obese, he can also suffer from a condition that is known as “buried penis”. In some reports, you may also read about a “mangina”. This is another term that is often in use to describe this condition. This is a condition in which a man’s penis gets completely buries in the fat deposits that have accumulated in the area that surrounds his penis.

Problems With Smaller Penis

The more it gets buries under, the smaller penis it seems. This can lead to a significant reduction in self-esteem, which can lead to numerous psychological issues. This isn’t the only problem that is in relation to a buried penis caused by obesity. In some men, the nerve endings that are in connection to their penis can be damaged due to the excess weight. This can cause the man to experience a reduced level of sensation during sexual stimulation.

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Stamina is also significantly reduced when a man becomes extremely obese. The blood circulatory system is also suffering due to the excess weight. This means blood will not circulate normally throughout the body. In turn, the poor blood circulation causes the man to experience problems with his erectile function. He may find that he is unable to achieve a rigid erection or that he is unable to maintain his erection while participating in sexual activities.

Obesity does not only affect the visible size of a man’s penis but has a chain reaction. Which can be thought of as a ripple effect. Obesity causes problems with numerous systems in the body. As a consequence, these adverse health effects then causes additional symptoms to develop in the affected man.

Overcoming Obesity & Smaller Penis

Overcoming Obesity

If you find that you are gaining weight and your penis is appearing to be a smaller penis than usual. Then, it might be time to implement some lifestyle changes to help you “beat obesity”. And also, achieve a healthier body weight. explains that five essential tips that you should incorporate into your daily life to help overcome obesity include:


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

  • Learn how to control your own appetite and say no to foods that are not good for you.
  • Learn how to keep your blood sugar levels stable and avoid foods that will spike your blood sugar levels.
  • Try to adjust some of your lifestyle habits. This may include reducing the size of your portions, eating slower and planning your meals ahead of time.
  • Try to better manage your stress levels.
  • Participate in frequent exercise routines to help tone your muscles and burn calories.

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Final Verdict

While your penis might’ve been of an average size or even larger than the average size in your younger years. It could now look significantly smaller penis with extra weight packed in your genital region. This is a trait that men who become obese know that this does not mean your penis has actually shrunk. Instead, the excess fat in the area around your penis has simply caused appear a smaller penis. By following the simple tips we have shared with you, you can make a few lifestyle adjustments to achieve a lower body weight and, of course, regain your “original” visible penis size.

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