Does Penis Size Really Matter to Women?

by Nick Swanson

Penis Size Really Matter
Men are often concerned with the size of their penis. They often feel that they lack the proper size to satisfy their partners. Men often become so overwhelmed with concern that they literally forget to look at the facts. The fact is, the average male penis is between 5 and 6 inches. When a man falls under the average size capacity, he feels that he is too inadequately built and it therefore affects his performance. A lack of performance can harm a relationship more than the actual size of a man’s penis will.

Keep in mind that average penis sizes are based on measurements taken by men rather than certified professionals such as doctors. Unfortunately, many men do not really know how to measure their penis size. That means the average penis size is considerably flawed. Inaccuracies in measurement could range from men not knowing where to start the measurements or using an inaccurate tool for measuring. In order to make themselves sound larger than they really are, men tend to round their measurements up rather than providing accurate numbers. In addition, many men like to joke around their male friends by claiming that they are much larger than they really are which adds to feeling of inadequacy among men.

The most important thing for any man to remember is what women feel about the size situation. Women feel that performance is much more important than the actual size of a man’s penis. Unless a man is abnormally small, there really is no reason to become overly concerned with penis sizes. The majority of men have enough packaging to satisfy their partner during lovemaking. In response to concerns over penis size, men often obsessively search for ways to increase the length and girth of their penis. Because of this, they often waste money on useless pills and creams.

Another thing that most men might want to keep in mind is that if a woman were to come across this particular article, she might find herself confused as to why a man would worry so much about length. That is because penis size does not really matter to women as much as men think it does. If you worry too much about your penis size and your partner seems unhappy, it is likely because your worry is affecting your sexual performance. Talk with your partner about your concerns and she will likely ease any fears you have about your penis size.