Can Women Feel Ejaculation?

Sex is a pleasurable experience that almost everyone of consenting age likes to participate in. It is also a topic that lots of people like to discuss. There are many questions people have about sex and one of the most common ones men have is, “Can women feel ejaculation?” This is perfectly normal question. Unfortunately, this is not question that has a simple answer. The best answer to the question, “Can women feel ejaculation?” is it depends. There are a lot of factors involved in sex and depending on the woman, the man, and the sex act, a woman may or may not feel ejaculation.

Can Women Feel Ejaculation

Some women have stated that they can feel when they boyfriend or husband ejaculates inside of them. There are several reasons this could be. Their male lover could have a particularly powerful orgasm that shoots the ejaculate out so forcefully that the woman can feel it. That’s probably a good sign that he really enjoyed himself during the sex act. Another possibility is that the woman’s vaginal canal is sensitive enough that she can feel the ejaculate squirting inside of her. This depends on where the man ejaculates inside the woman. She may be more apt to feel it if the man ejaculates at the bottom of her vaginal canal where the majority of her sexual nerve endings are.

More often than not, however, a woman will probably feel a man’s orgasm, or rather the signs that he has had one. If the orgasm is powerful enough, she may feel his testicles twitch or his penis pulse as it squirts ejaculate. She may hear him groan, shudder, or observe other indications that the man has climaxed. Again, depending on where the man ejaculates, they may feel the wetness of the substance if it seeps out of her vaginal canal.

Can women feel ejaculation? Sometimes they can. It varies from woman to woman and even between sex acts with the same woman. Women who have reported that could feel their lover ejuaculating have described it number of ways. Some say it feels like something is tickling them inside. Other say it feels like the man is urinating inside of them. Despite the curiosity around whether a woman can feel ejaculation, it is important to always practice safe sex. Always use a condom unless you are in a committed relationship and you are not worried about the risk of pregnancy.