How to Hold Ejaculation? – Methods and Techniques

Whether it is suffering from premature ejaculation, or just looking for how to last longer in bed, many men are looking for answers on how to hold ejaculation during a sexual experience. Learning how to hold ejaculation during a sexual encounter can not only prolong the experience, but make it more enjoyable for all people involved. There are several exercises and breathing techniques men can use to help them learn how to hold their ejaculation in, and last longer in bed.

How to Hold Ejaculation

The first way to learn how to hold ejaculation in is by performing a series of exercises that are intended to lengthen or prolong the amount of time you have before ejaculation. The exercises involve masturbating to the point that you feel like you want to ejaculate. When you get to that point, you stop for a period of five to seven minutes, and then continue. This is done several times until the body actually ejaculates. Performing this “exercise” several times a week will eventually teach the body how to prolong the amount of time a person engages in a sexual experience before they ejaculate.

Another way to learn how to hold ejaculation in is by concentrating on something else beside the sexual climax. Men often focus too much on reaching their sexual climax, which causes them to experience an ejaculation before they are ready. Focusing on other things such as sports, pleasuring your partner, or TV shows or movies can help you learn how to hold ejaculation in. After focusing on these other topics for a period of time, you can then focus on the sexual encounter and eventually experience the sexual climax you have been waiting for.

The last way men can learn how to hold ejaculation in is by engaging in several breathing techniques that are designed to slow down the body’s breathing. When a male is engaging in sexual intercourse or masturbation his breathing will slowly start to speed up as the body prepares to ejaculate. Learning how to control one’s breathing, or holding your breath while the body’s breathing starts to speed up, can help you learn how to hold ejaculation. This technique will not prolong ejaculation for a lengthy period of time, but it can give you an extra few minutes. Men looking to learn how to hold ejaculation can do so by learning breathing techniques, engaging in waiting exercises during masturbation, and focusing on other things besides the sexual climax.